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The Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2020 | Ways To Update Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the most used and important space in a home. It’s where families cook, entertain, do homework, play games and more! That’s why kitchens should be designed as multifunctional spaces. Because it’s the most used space in the home, it’s important to create a beautifully designed space that will withstand the test of time. From cabinets, backsplashes, lighting, and counters, it can be challenging to design. That’s why we created a list of the top 10 design trends for kitchens to make your kitchen renovation a little less stressful!

List of Top 10 Kitchen Trends:

Dark Countertops

Image of Dark Countertops

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Why play it safe with your typical white or off-white quartz or marble kitchen counters when you can go dark! Countertops are going dark, and natural woods like walnut are coming out as big winners. Dark counters or dark butcher block counters can give your kitchen a wow factor and a nice contrast! Not a big fan of dark countertops? Try going all black with your kitchen cabinets!

Double Islands

Image of Double Islands

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Is your kitchen island not big enough for all those party nights or special dinners? Why only have one kitchen island when you can have two! Double islands are now the new trends in the kitchen, giving homeowners more space to cook, space for the family to eat dinner, or as a homework station. Double islands can serve as a multifunctional space without sacrificing style and design.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Image of Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

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Eco-friendly ideas are on the rise with interior designers and homeowners. The best place to start is with your kitchen cabinets! Kitchen cabinets use a lot of material that usually isn’t recycled, and now more then ever, homeowners want to be more cautious of their use in materials. A great place to check out eco-friendly kitchen cabinets is IKEA! Their kitchen cabinets are made from recycled wood and recycled PET bottles. The drawers and cabinet fronts from their line of kitchen cabinets offer a modern look that keeps the environment in mind!

Fun Light Fixtures

Image of Fun Light Fixtures

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Not a big fan of recessed lighting and what to add more personality and character to your kitchen ceiling? Small light fixtures will do the job in a stylish yet functional way! Choose any finish that matches the style of your kitchen like bronze or silver. Incandescent light bulbs can add a soft touch to your kitchen that’s decorative and easy on the eyes. Or you can just completely forgo the recessed lighting and go for a unique fixture that will make a bold statement and brighten up your kitchen!

Open Shelving

Image of Open Shelving

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While top cupboards add storage, they can take away a sense of openness in the kitchen. The solution is to opt for no upper cabinets or have a mixture of upper cabinets and open shelving. Having some open shelving in your kitchen also gives you the opportunity to display some unique kitchen utensils or artifacts.

Retro Appliances

Image of Retro Appliances

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Want to add a historic look to your home? Whether you are renovating your kitchen in a historical home or simply looking to add period appeal, retro kitchen appliances are among the biggest ways to influence your project’s final look. After all, these big-ticket items take up the most visual real estate (next to your cabinets). There’s no faster way to interrupt the nostalgic vibe of your newly restored space than with a glaringly out-of-date appliance!

Slab Backsplash

Image of Slab Backsplash

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Do you love your kitchen counter so much you wished it was also your backsplash? Well, you’re in luck since it’s a new kitchen trend! A slab backsplash is so clean, yet it adds the right amount of drama to a kitchen. Try finding a slab with some veining to add more character and contrast.

Steel Range Hoods

Image of Steel Range Hoods

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Are you getting sick of looking at your boring kitchen range? Integrating unique ranges into your kitchen design is a great way to enhance the character. Steel hoods are the new trend in 2020. Interior designers are noticing a surge in custom kitchen hoods that steer away from the boring stainless steel or basic painted wood. It’s the perfect way to create a stunning focal point and can be a conversation starter! Don’t really like the look of a kitchen range, go with a hidden range!

Unique Hardware

Image of Unique Hardware

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Do you prefer hardware on your kitchen cabinets? Try thinking outside the box for a modern, distinctive look. Unique hardware can look like rough-cut crystals, rings, or pull-tabs. Either one that you choose will add personality and will be a statement-making piece. Even finding different hardware from thrift stores and markets can make for the best statement pieces!

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Image of Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

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Do you want to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, but aren’t a big fan of the modern, clean look of cabinets today? Try going with a walnut kitchen cabinet. Walnut cabinets are warm, rich, and can be perfectly coordinated with clean, white kitchen aesthetics. Walnut is another wood that’s popping up in more modern kitchen cabinet designs!

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