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Top 17 New Tech Gadgets that Will Change Your Life at Home

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Technology Is Changing the Way We Live at Home

At the Austin Board of REALTORS®’ forum on March 25, 2015, Stefan Swanepoel, author of the Swanepoel Trend Report, spoke to brokers in Austin about 15 tech trends that are changing the way we live. Since Austin is the best tech city in the world, and as the brokerage of the future our job is to find the perfect homes for our clients, we listed our 17 favorite tech gadgets for you from Swanepoel’s presentation that will change the way we live at home.

17 Gadgets Changing the Future of Life at Home

1. Projected screens on your wrist will be the new way to answer your mom’s phone call.

Circret is a wearable bracelet that projects your phone onto your wrist, but this gadget let’s you use it underwater!You can buy

2. Robot bulters will be able to deliver anything to your hotel room or front door.

Meet Botlr. It’s a robot that delivers you anything to your hotel room. Currently being used in hotels in Beverly Hills, this little guy might make his way to your door step soon. Definitely could use its help grocery shopping!

3. You no longer have to remember how to convert pints to cups.

Echo by Amazon knows everything! And all you have to do is think out loud. You’ll never have to do math again.

4. All of your gadgets will be controlled by one.

Neptune is a suite of tools with one device that controls all of them, so you no longer have to keep manuals for every gadget or applicance in the house.

5. Augmented Reality will personalize the real world.

Hololens are glasses by Microsoft that show you your world the way you want to see it. Have a messy room? Just turn the switch to ‘clean’ and the mess as seen through Hololens is gone!

6. Builders will be replaced by 3D printers.

3D Printers can print gun parts, organs, and now it’s printing homes in China using recylced construction materials. Missing a custom tile on your wall? Now you can print it yourself!

7. Your thermostat knows you.

Nest learns your habits so you never have to set the temperature again.

8. Your bed will learn your sleeping habits.

Luna is just like Nest Thermostat in that it learns your habits. The bed learns when you go to sleep and when you wake up so it’s the right temperature at the right time to help you catch more Z’s.

9. Groceries will be delivered at your doorstep within an hour from a drone.

Amazon Prime Air will revolutionize grocery stores. You will be able to order anything online and get it within an hour, size permitting.

10. Staging a house will be done by pointing your phone at a magazine.

IKEA AR (Augmented Reality) is helping you be better interior designers and stagers. Now clients can walk into a home with their IKEA catalog, point their phone at a page and see the furniture in real space.

11. Never repaint your home again.

Nano technology has the ability to prevent stains on surfaces… becuase no one likes power-washing the deck.

12. Never mess with power outlets again.

Witricity is combining the techonoloy of wifi and electricity to eliminate the use of power outlets. You will be able to walk into your home and charge your phone without plugging it into a wall.

13. Stolen or lost credit cards will be a thing of the past.

Plastc let’s you put all of your credit cards onto one so you never have to worry about losing it again.

14. No credit card? No problem. Just use your smart phone.

Apple PAY with NFC (Near Form Communication) allows you to pay for any transaction with your smart phone. Leave your wallet at home, just don’t forget your phone!

15. No smart phone? Pay through Facebook!

Facebook now accepts payments to your friends and family through messenger.

16. And speaking of Facebook, let’s use it to catch home intruders!

Facebook Face Recognition for CIA is another way homeowners can identify and capture home intruders. Since Facebook profile photos are updated more often than mugshots, the CIA is using it to help identify the bad guys.

17. The future of selfies is in the flight of a drone bracelet.

Nixie is the first wearable drone that flies on demand. Imagine following your realtor while touring a home from the comfort of your computer.

How Will You Embrace the Future?

This is just the beginning of this list. There are gadgets coming out every day that will improve the way you eat, live and work at home. Think about it. A fridge that can tell you when food is expired. A microwave that knows when you have harmful products inside it. Wearables that change the way you see the world around you. Technology is changing the way you live at home. How will you embrace it? Let us know in the comments below.

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