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Things To Do For Fathers Day | Fathers Day Ideas & Activities

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Father’s Day is the one day you can show your dad how much you love and care about him. Even though you know your dad super well, sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect thank you. Don’t let the importance of the holiday intimidate you! No matter what you plan to do for your dad on Father’s Day, your dad will still love you. So check out our list of father’s day ideas and activities and let him know how special he is!

List of Father’s Day Ideas:

Backyard Camping

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Turn your backyard into your own personal campsite this Father’s Day! It’s a fun and easy way to experience the great outdoors without packing the car and the bags. Create a backyard camp by pitching a tent, setting up the best camping chairs around a fire, and cook up some delicious campfire recipes like s’mores!

Basket of Local Gifts

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There are a lot of local businesses in Austin, which means those businesses most likely have the perfect gifts for your dad this Father’s Day. From local food brands, like Tito’s Handmade Vodka or Deep Eddy Vodka, to local retail businesses such as A Town and Austin Art Garage, it’s impossible not to find the perfect local gift for dad. Shopping locally also supports Austin-area communities by helping them stay afloat (especially with all the social distancing recommendations)!

Beer Tasting

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Austinites know what great beer tastes like, and that’s why the city runs on craft beer. Austin’s ever-changing and expanding craft beer scene makes it easy to find new local beers and enjoy a great afternoon or evening with friends and family. So get up close and personal with your favorite beers or try out new beers and check out our list of Austin breweries such as Austin Beerworks, Blackstar Co-op, Blue Owl Brewing, Jester King Brewery, Live Oak Brewery, Oasis Texas Brewing Company and more! After you check off every spot on our list, you and your dad can call yourselves certified beer-drinking experts!

Drive-In Movie

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Image Credit: Doc’s Drive-in Theatre


Who says drive-in movies are only for romantic dates? Bring your dad and your family to a drive-in movie and spend time with each other for Father’s Day! Blue Starlite is showing several movies on Father’s Day, such as Dirty Dancing, Star Wars: A New Hope, Matilda, The Sandlot, Mad Max Fury, and more! At Doc’s Drive-in Theatre, they are showing Labyrinth and Jurassic Park!

Get Out On The Water

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Do you love spending time on the water and being outside with your dad? Good thing, Father’s Day is in June! Because Austin offers a lot of outdoor activities on the water, it’s easy to find the perfect water activity to participate in with your dad. Take a dive into Barton Springs Pool, participate in watercraft activities such as wave runners, rent a yacht or boat for the day, go floating down the river, stand-up paddle boarding or find a lake or pond to go fishing!

Golf With Dad

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Austin has been named one of the best cities in the US, boasting new restaurants, a thriving job market, shopping, and sports. With the city growing, this can only mean golf course options are expanding as well. Austin’s diverse and unique landscape offers rolling hills, lakes, limestone cliffs and caverns, natural springs, and stands of cypress and oak, which can make for dramatic and challenging course layouts. Most dads love golfing, so it’s the perfect thing to do with your dad this Father’s Day (even if you don’t know how to golf, your dad can teach you, and it’s great bonding time)! Don’t want to be on an outdoor golf course, check out Top Golf Austin!

Hike and Bike Trails

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Does your dad like the more simple things in life like hiking and biking? With Austin having such a wide range of landscapes, you can either hike and bike downtown or in the hill country. Even though summers can get hot in Austin, you can still get outside on one of the many hike and bike trails of Austin that run along creeks and other bodies of water. If you want to take things a little slow, there are also numerous hike and bike trails in Austin that are flat and slow-paced!

Order Dad’s Favorite Food

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Are you wanting to give your dad a special Father’s Day dinner, but aren’t the best at cooking? No worries, Austin has a lot of restaurants that can cook up your dad a delicious father’s Day meal that’s guaranteed your dad will love! Make sure you know his favorite food so you can pick out the best restaurant. Does your dad love burgers, sports bar munches, Tex-Mex, bbq, brunch, donuts, tacos, or vegetarian? Check out the best restaurants on our lists to give your dad the perfect Father’s Day meal!

Painting With A Twist

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Whether you’re planning a day with dad that includes lunch, and perhaps drinking his favorite beverage or a mom planning an activity for your husband and kids, painting is a great idea! Whatever your father likes to do, we have options to suit the choosiest of dads. If you are looking for some great bonding time and building amazing memories, dad will remember for years to come, then paint WITH dad. Find a studio near you and schedule some time with dad for his special day.

Urban Axes

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Image Credit: Urban Axes


Urban Axes has got you covered! All weekend long, they are excited to host you and your dad for an unforgettable experience! Book your visit for Father’s Day Weekend, and your group’s first round of beer is on them. They have all the space you need to celebrate safely with those closest to you. Your family will be in a private lane, and you can check out all the steps they’re taking to make sure it is a safe experience here! And if you already have Dad’s Day plans, give the gift of future fun with an Urban Axes Gift Card!

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