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The Popularity of Green Homes in Austin

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Austinites are proud recyclers. With slogans like "Don’t Mess with Texas" and "Keep Austin Beautiful," it’s hard not to see why. Most of those who live in Austin live here for the outdoors and willingly work hard to keep it beautiful. Recycling is one way to promote green living, but Austin homeowners are also investing in green homes.

Green homes have become a hot item on the Austin real estate market and there’s enough signs to see why. While they usually come with a higher listing price, green homes promote sustainable living and actually help reduce costs in the long-run. Whether it’s saving costs with water or energy efficient systems, or building homes from recycled materials, green homes stand out in Austin as a more desirable choice. Because the demand is there, Austin homebuilders continue to build green homes certified by the internationally accepted rating system, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

View all of the LEED-certified homes in Austin or contact us to find out more about GREEN homes in Austin.

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