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Guide to Tailgating in Texas | Texas Tailgate Tips

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So get your best grillers, your endurance drinkers, and your favorite koozies ready! This tailgating season is going to be the best pre-game partying and post-game celebration, so much so that most Austinites lay low the night before game day to save up the necessary energy to be able to tailgate. It’s a weekend-long process: there’s preparatory, victory, and recovery. That is what it means to tailgate in Austin, Texas. You better go all out, or go home. No downtime, no air conditioning, and definitely no whining. Here’s what to expect on game days when UT plays at their home stadium.

Top 10 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Tailgating:


Image of Parking

There is no free parking near most tailgating zones (North of 15th and west of I-35), so take use a rideshare app, carpool, bike or bus it to your tailgate. Traffic is horrible on game days. Depending on where you will be tailgating, you might find a spot in a visitor parking garage.

Prepare for the Weather

Image of Prepare for the Weather

It’s notably hot at the season’s first games in Texas. Unless your tailgate has an indoor facility with air conditioning, it is highly recommended to wear breathable, sweat-proof clothes.

Prepare for the Crowd

Image of Prepare for the Crowd

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Hundreds of thousands of college students, alumnae, and family swarm the streets of Downtown Austin on game days. They’re a rowdy bunch, but they make the games fun with their enthusiasm and energy!

Private Tailgates

Image of Private Tailgates

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Be careful about private tailgates and zoned-off areas; some tailgaters paid a lot of money to get the spot you’re standing in. They might ask you to leave. Respect the rules of tailgating, be courteous to other tailgates, and tailgate responsibly.

Long Hours

Image of Long Hours

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Tailgates can go on for hours before the game actually starts. It would be a good idea to bring lawn chairs to avoid standing the whole time, and some sort of sun protection since you will be outside without shade most of the time.

Public Consumption of Alcohol

Image of Public Consumption of Alcohol

In Austin, you can legally walk with an open container in any designated tailgate zones, but only on game days. Any other day and it would be illegal. You can also buy beer inside the stadium.

Drink Lots of Water!

Image of Drink Lots of Water!

It can easily get over 100 degrees in the summer months in Austin, and you do not want to let the heat get the best of you! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times, and grab something to eat!


Image of Bathrooms

While there are porta-potties throughout the tailgate area, you will often see long lines. Always have a backup plan. Know where the convenience stores are on each block near tailgating zones and make a “7/11 run” for sodas when you just can’t wait.

The Eyes of Texas

Image of The Eyes of Texas

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At tailgating events, everyone knows the words to the song The Eyes of Texas. Make sure you’re not the only one mumbling the tune. Click here to find the lyrics to The Eyes of Texas.

What to Wear

Image of What to Wear

Photo by Allen Boots

You don’t want to leave the house without your burnt orange and cowboy boots! Even in this heat, UT students and Longhorns fans will be wearing these staples of Texas. In need of some classic cowboy boots? Find some at local stores like Allen Boots on SOCO.

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