Shine your barbecue grill and pack your favorite koozie – Texas Football Season is finally here and along with it comes the beloved pre-celebration ritual known as “tailgating.” When it comes to tailgating, there’s just one guideline –  go big or go home! Texans take football very seriously and once football season begins, there’s no looking back. So grab a cold one and enjoy Realty Austin’s guide to tailgating in Texas!

1. Parking

Guide to Tailgating in Texas - Parking - Realty Austin

There is no free parking near most UT campus tailgating zones (North of 15th and west of I-35), so take cabs, carpool, bike or bus to your tailgate if possible. Traffic can be horrible on most days, but on game days it is best to avoid driving all together. Back to top.

2. Prepare for the Weather

The first games of the season typically fall on hot days, as they happen during the last weeks of summer. Unless your tailgate has an indoor facility with air conditioning, it is highly recommended to wear breathable clothing and protect your skin from the sun with SPF, shades, and a hat. Back to top.

3. Prepare for the Crowd

Guide to Tailgating in Texas - Preparing for the crowd - Realty Austin

Photo by Pecand

Hundreds of thousands of college students, alumnae, and family swarm the streets of Downtown Austin on game days. They’re a rowdy bunch, but they make the games fun with their enthusiasm and energy! Back to top.

4. Private Tailgates

Guide to Tailgating in Texas - Private Tailgates - Realty Austin

Photo by Yahoo Sports

Be careful about private tailgates and zoned-off areas; some tailgaters paid a lot of money to get the spot you’re standing in.  Respect the rules of tailgating, be courteous to other tailgates, and tailgate responsibly. Back to top.

5. Public Consumption of Alcohol

In Austin, you can legally walk with an open container in any designated tailgate zones, but only on game days. Remember that this does not apply to any other day or any other area!  Back to top.

6. Bathrooms

Guide to Tailgating in Texas - Public Restrooms - Realty Austin

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Lines for port-a-potties at tailgates can be very long so it’s best to always have a backup plan. Know where the convenience stores are on each block near tailgating zones in case of emergencies. Keep in mind that bathrooms are for customers, so please grab a soda or snack while you’re there. Back to top.

7. The Eyes of Texas

Guide to Tailgating in Texas - The Eyes of Texas - Realty Austin

Photo by GameDayR

At tailgating events, everyone knows the words to the song The Eyes of Texas. Make sure you’re not the only one mumbling the tune! Learn the lyrics to The Eyes of Texas before the big game. Back to top.

8. Cowboy Boots

Even in this heat, UT students and Longhorns fans will be wearing this Texas fashion staple. Find some classic boots at local stores like Allen Boots on South Congress. Back to top.





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