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72 Summer Activities For Kids | Creative Ways To Keep Your Family Busy

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Summer is in full swing in Austin, and it can be a challenge to keep your kids busy while stuck at home. Kids love to spend time outdoors, participate in fun activities, and sometimes experience a new adventure. Can’t figure out ways to keep your kids busy during the summer break, check out our list of kids summer activities for the ultimate summer bucket list!

List of Summer Activities For Kids:

  • Build a backyard obstacle course
  • Go camping in your backyard
  • Plan a bike parade
  • Make a bird feeder
  • DIY chalk bombs
  • Learn cooking skills

Image of Picnic

  • Organize an at home picnic
  • Paint outside
  • Go fishing
  • Play games outside
  • Decorate rocks
  • Make homemade Goop
  • Enroll in an online craft course

Image of Crafts

  • Tour your hometown
  • Check out wildlife
  • Arrange a scavenger hunt
  • Build a backyard bonfire
  • Watch movies outdoors
  • Read a story

Image of Book

Image of Culture

  • Take a hike
  • Make and eat popsicles
  • Visit museums online
  • Grab a map and plan out places you want to visit
  • Spend an afternoon writing a story
  • Run through the sprinkler

Image of Sprinkler

  • Play hide and seek
  • Play board games
  • Take a photo a day and make an album from all the photos you took
  • Plant flowers
  • Have a carwash on your driveway
  • Pick your favorite summer song and try to memorize it

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  • Make root beer floats
  • Create a secret handshake
  • Make your own jewelry
  • Make refreshing lemonade
  • Call or Facetime family out of town
  • Have mini sports games in your backyard

Image of Sports

  • Make fluffy slime
  • Make a cool sculpture out of toilet paper rolls
  • Stay up late and play flashlight tag
  • Build a massive fort
  • Go to a drive in movie
  • Set up an icecream sundae bar

Image of Sports

  • Look for pictures in the clouds
  • Make your own pickles
  • Play games with Dixie cups (with water)
  • Make a wind chime
  • Pick fresh berries
  • Break a Guinness Book of World Records

Image of Guinness World Record Book

  • Make a fairy garden
  • Participate in rainbow science experiments
  • Play Marco Polo in your pool or backyard
  • Pull a prank
  • Make potato stamps
  • Make something out of a cardboard box

Image of Card Board

  • Invent potions
  • Make s’mores
  • Bob for donuts for a fun breakfast
  • Have a tea party
  • Make tie-dye shirts
  • Support a small business

Image of Small Business

  • Use ice and make a cool beverage
  • Turn your backyard into a waterpark
  • Jump into a lake
  • Surprise the postman with a thank you gift
  • Learn about a wild animal

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