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Spring Activities to do with Kids | Fun Activities to do in the Spring

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Say goodbye to winter and say hello to warmer weather, bright colors, and beautiful flowers blooming! From gardening to scavenger hunts, we’ve got you covered with both indoor and outdoor spring activities that will keep your kids busy, active, and learning!

Make a Garden

Image of Making a Garden

Avoid being stuck in the house all day and make a garden! This activity is perfect for kids of all ages as it teaches them responsibility, patience, and problem-solving, and encourages imaginative play and storytelling for those who are younger. Inspire kids to eat healthier as well by growing fruits and vegetables – “if they grow it, they will eat it.”

Paint Flower Pots

Image of Painting Flower Pots

Now that you are starting to garden with your kids, why not paint some pots for their new plants? Not only are you putting your kids’ artistic ability to work, but painting also builds hand-eye coordination, develops decision-making skills, and knowledge of colors.

Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

Image of Easter Egg Hunt

Planning an Easter egg hunt in your backyard is easy to do, and kids love it! Fill your eggs with candy, small toys, or money, or get creative and hunt for missing puzzle pieces or a golden ticket! Depending on the age group, try fun, unexpected hiding spots such as hanging plants, a window box, or the cushion of a patio chair. Turn your backyard into the ultimate scavenger hunt playground!

Dye Eggs

Image of Dyeing Eggs

Dyeing eggs is always a fun spring tradition to do with the whole family! Watch the eggs slowly change colors or challenge yourself with an artistic design! If you are looking for a natural alternative to traditional Easter egg dye kits, learn how to make naturally dyed eggs.

Have a Backyard Campout

Image of Backyard Campout

Take a break from the electronics for a night and enjoy the ultimate getaway with the whole family right in your backyard! Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, sing campfire songs, tell stories, and build memories that will last a lifetime. Backyard campouts are an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of planning, packing up your car, and traveling. Did we mention you will have access to a clean bathroom too?

Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder

Image of Making a Bird Feeder

Image courtesy of Made Everyday with Dana

Remember making pinecone bird feeders when you were little? Now you can bring back those memories and make them with your kids! All you need is a pinecone, peanut butter, birdseed, and string! This fun craft is easy to do, and your kids will love watching to see if birds will eat from them!

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Image of Going on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Send your kids on an adventure outside with a nature scavenger hunt! Create a list of items to find, such as an acorn, different types of leaves, a flower, and rocks. If the weather isn’t nice enough to go outside, check out one of these indoor scavenger hunts!

Fly a Kite

Image of Flying a Kite

Leave the video games inside and discover a pastime that your kids will love going outside for! Flying a kite helps develop coordination and critical thinking skills as they learn how to launch and control it. Learning how to fly a kite can be tricky at first, but your kids will love the feeling when they finally get it soaring in the sky!

Wash Your Car

Image of Washing Your Car

On warmer days, have the kids get wet and help you wash your car! Turn on fun and upbeat music, spray each other with the hose, splash in the puddles, and blow bubbles with the soap! It’s like having your own splash pad at home! This will teach your kids valuable cleaning skills while having fun!

Draw and Play Games with Chalk

Image of Drawing with Chalk

Decorate your driveway and entertain your kids with chalk! Play fun games such as tic-tac-toe and hopscotch, practice writing letters, or draw wonderful masterpieces. You can even make your own homemade Chalk is colorful, inexpensive, and a great way to keep your kids entertained while getting some fresh air. You can even make your own homemade chalk with this recipe!

Have a picnic outside

Image of Having a Picnic Outside

Picnics are a great way to members of the family of all ages outside together. It’s simple too, so you don’t have to spend time preparing an elaborate meal. Pack easy on-the-go food such as sandwiches and fruit, and head outside with a blanket or towel to sit on! The picnic doesn’t have to be over when the food is gone either! Bring a ball to play a game or blast some tunes and have a dance party!

Build an Obstacle Course

Image of Building an Obstacle Course

Encourage kids with thinking, problem solving, and physical movement by creating an obstacle course in your yard! There is no need to buy anything new either! Use objects that you already have at home such as garden planters, chairs, pool noodles, and string to climb over, under, and around and race to the finish! Check out more obstacle course ideas here.

Try a New Science Experiment

Image of Trying an Outdoor Science Experiment

Image courtesy of Little Bins Little Hands

From solar oven s’mores to watermelon volcanoes, there are many educational science experiments that will keep kids engaged while learning and having fun. These experiments are easy to set up and many use basic household items.

Create a Game out of Cleaning

Image of Creating a Game out of Cleaning

It’s time for some spring cleaning! Help your kids clean out their old clothes and toys they don’t use anymore by sending them on a scavenger hunt. Once they have collected their items, drop them off at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any place accepting donations. You can also challenge them to beat the clock and see if they can put all of their books away by the time the timer goes off. Create friendly family competition as well by seeing who can put up their toys the fastest. There are plenty of ways to make cleaning fun!

Make Homemade Play Dough

Image of Making Homemade Play Dough

This homemade play dough recipe only takes a few minutes to make and lasts up to 6 months! Playing with play dough not only enhances sensory and fine motor skills, but it has also been found to be therapeutic as kids roll and squish through the dough. Add additional elements such as cookie cutters or sticks to see how it changes shape and discover new possibilities.

Build a 2 Liter Bottle Garden

Image of Building a 2 Liter Bottle Garden

Image courtesy of Epic Gardening

No space for a garden outside? No problem! Grow plants such as basil, lettuce, and spinach in your home from a 2 liter bottle using these steps! From germination, to seedlings, to vegetative growth, all the way to harvest, kids will be able to see the full lifecycle of a plant.

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