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Relocating to Austin? Here Are Some Tips For A Successful Move!

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Listed as the second largest state in the US in both land size and population, Texas is known to do everything in large measure, whether it’s the size of its value-added real estate, its attention to culture and sports, or its cuisine. Widely recognized as a cultural and artistic hub in Texas, Austin is also the capital city of the state and is rapidly attracting those seeking a more subdued lifestyle mixed with access to entertainment, sports, and outdoor activities.

Everyday more and more people are packing up and moving to Austin, and it is those people that have propelled this city into one of the fastest growing in the nation. If you are thinking about calling Austin your home, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to assure that your move goes as smooth as possible.

The first, and probably the most important thing you should consider, is renting a self-storage unit. Despite what most people think, self-storage facilities are not just for people who have run out of room at home and need a permanent location to house their excess baggage. They are also an incredibly convenient way to move if you haven’t settled down yet. Temporary storage can be used to house a lifetime’s worth of belongings just long enough for you to conduct a thorough search for a new home.

The majority of self-storage facilities allow you to rent month to month, eliminating the need to rush or to find a contract that fits your short-term needs. Here are a few tips on finding the right storage company for you in Austin.

  • If you have an idea of the general area or neighborhood that you want to live in, find a local self-storage facility to make your move less of a hassle.
  • Weigh your options of cost versus convenience. The cheapest self-storage facility might not be located anywhere near where you intend to live, so you could end up paying more per month for convenience. But if moving out of your rental space will require more than one trip, consider paying more for a closer facility.
  • Urban dwellers may also feel more confident about Austin storage facilities with high-tech security, as well as gated and alarm-activated storage units.
  • Pack your unit carefully. Put non-essential items like furniture in the back, and leave items such as clothing where they can be easily reached. You might be living out of your temporary storage space for a while and you’ll want to be able to get to certain things easily.

Just because you need temporary storage to house your belongings while you look for a permanent place to live does not mean you should feel obligated to do everything yourself. Not everyone that uses a self-storage facility gets their belongings there on their own accord. Here are a few of your other options for this process.

  • Have a professional moving company deliver your belongings to a pre-arranged self-storage unit. If you’re moving a fair distance, this will require that you get a good idea of exactly how much temporary storage space you’ll need. And if you have to overshoot, do so. It’s far better to have too much room than too little room.
  • If you’re not moving far, look for moving storage companies that offer both movers and storage facilities. Not every self-storage company has a staff of movers and trucks at the ready, but there are some that combine services, which can significantly lessen the hassle of moving.

Renting from one of these facilities can seriously reduce the chaos that can be associated with the relocating process. Use a company like SpareFoot to guarantee you find the best deal available and also remember this is Austin, so once you are here, help us keep it weird.

This article was provided by SpareFoot, the largest online marketplace for self-storage.

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