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Realty Austin Builds Community Through Volunteers

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AUSTIN, TX—Realty Austin is celebrating National Volunteer Week by recognizing the Realty Austin family and their volunteer work in the community.  The generosity, hard work, and support of our agents and staff empower Realty Austin to give back in a big way to our community year after year. Since 2010, our generous agents have volunteered over 20,100 hours, donated over $1.7M of their commissions, and raised over $175,000 from industry partners to support our strategic partnerships with affordable housing pioneers.

Jeffrey Schnabel (Image 1), Anthony Randle (image 2), Jolene Weinstein (Image 3), Gabi Leite and Rick Rabon (Image 4), Tom Thornton (Image 5), and all of our wonderful agents and staff who donate and volunteer each year are truly the heroes of Realty Austin.

Each year Realty Austin honors its top charitable contributors by inducting them into the Corazón Circle. We are grateful for our 2020-2021 Corazón Circle members, many of them perennial givers, without whom none of our organization’s charitable work would be possible.  Corazon Circle was established by Realty Austin in 2019 for RA agents and staff who give over $1,000 a year to the company’s affordable housing initiatives. 

Realty Austin’s 2021 Corazon Circle more than doubled from its inaugural 88 members in 2020 to 177 members this year during the pandemic.  The company had already taken its commitment to the next level by launching the “We’re For Here” campaign and pledging its commitment to making Austin a safer, more affordable place to live.

Yvette Boatwright, Realty Austin principal said about the increase, “My mind is blown and my heart is full at the level our team has shown ‘We’re For Here’! Not only are they the boots on the ground building affordable homes, but also they are giving generously to make Austin a safe, affordable place to live for our neighbors in need. Proving our impact is exponential when we pool together our resources and take action by volunteering. I could not be more proud of our army of volunteers!”

Our 2020-2021 Corazon Circle

Jeffrey Schnabel, Jen Berbas, Ashley Brinkman, Brian Copland, Susan deGraffenried, Bryan & Rebecca Greenleaf, Elle Klein Garrison, Debbie Barrera, Cristina Valdés, Mindy Guevara, Penny Moulder, Sharon Murray, Jennifer Henry, Adam Walker, Todd Bailey, Ruth E. Powers, Ami Davis, Maggie Falvey, Kim Fodor, Jackie Horton, Fara Kosari, Johnny Ronca, Michael & Stacy Spickes, Lisa Muñoz, Laurie Kriegel, Kelvin Glover, Sumina Bhatti, Donna Ciccarelli, Brooke Steele, Gigi Jacks McClaskey, Cathy TrifiroBeverly M. Williams, Jeremy Fisher, Amy Edwards, Rob Kellogg, Nick Easley, Joi Jones, Bob & Michaela Hachtel, Robie Dodson, Jeffrey & Gina Nyland, Darcy Newton, Charla Housson, Michelle Allen, Ashley Jackson, Jon Chambers, Aaron Nann, Michael Said, Mark Ponton, Melissa Roberts, Charles Runnels, Manny Arce, Deanna Garza, Ben Pierson, Holly McCormick, Amy Gandy, Chad Proctor, Cynthia Mattiza, Catalina Castellanos, Peter van Kooij, Grace Miralle-Wilkens, Lockie Ealy, Jen Arsaga, Rita Little, Lily Clason, Kelli Whirlow, Henry Valles, John Richardson, Lindsey Fenton, Evonne Gottsch, Caren Upshaw, Alexia Dauterive, Kim Fry, Sari Pearce, Rylan Clark, Matt Pariseau, Daphne Quay, Rick Rabon, Melanie McNearney, Rela Manigsaca, Paige Dahiyat, Dani Whitacre, Amy Tisdale, Debbie Novelli, Shelly Hemingson, Lauri Schroeder, Allie Martinez, James Jarvis, Patti Simon, Chad Mize, Debbie Trominski, Cheri Martz, Yusuf Johnson, Suzanne Valentine, Beverly Silverman, Kristen Jacobs, Burt Dement, Rob Albertson, Kevin Wilhelm, Amanda Nguyen, Natalia Roush, Jeffrey Brown, Jeff Tucker, Amy Mills, David Davis, Shannon Reeve, Alicia Kelley, Gina Limon, Amy Paczosa, Doug Byron, Sarah McAloon, Cory Culpepper Bramson, Wafiq Alalawi, Matt Zukauckas, Kim Wilkin, Ruth Lunday, Kelley Menefee, Jonna Juul-Hansen, Brendan Doherty, Carrie Hiner, Lori Elam, Suad Krebber, Polly Clarke, Shannon Owen, Susan Patterson, Daphne Arender, Betsy Gallagher, Kristin Kreisel, Lauren Pryor, Teresa Carson, Lisa Madden, Aubrey Shaw, Dave Chastain, Amanda Godwin, Susan Russell, MJ Moran, Katie Hobbs, Mabely Reyes, Allison Salmon, Rebecca Gindele, Kevin Hutchison, Mahshid Caras, Dina Majd, Jennifer Korba, Ferree Rhodes, Sherri Farias, Ryan Schwartz, Damon Brown, Liza Brazzil, Susie Lee, Rick Whittemore, Kristi Stavrou, Denise Braun, Katy Hall, Ross Ponder, Barron Johnson, Jenny Rosas, Allison Dady, Kathy Jacobs, Winona Barron, Sue Lindell, Sasha Vasquez, David and Alyssa Ramirez, Wendy Jansky Serra, Janet Cloudt, and Alex Hernandez Bobrow.

We’re so grateful for volunteers like John Coake (Image 1) and everyone in our RA Family who makes the important work that we do in our community possible.

Our Austin Pledge 

A call for community building, neighborliness, and love.

We will uplift our neighbors in need by partnering with organizations that provide affordable and supportive housing solutions.

Realty Austin believes that everyone deserves to have a safe and affordable place to call home. That is why we partner with organizations like Foundation Communities, Austin Habitat for Humanity, Community First! Village, SAFE Children’s Shelter, and Central Texas Table of Grace. To learn more about our partners and their impact on the community, visit ouraustinpledge.com.

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