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Realty Austin 2020 Achievement Awards

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AUSTIN, TXRealty Austin, Austin’s #1 Independent Brokerage and #1 Best Place to Work, honored its top real estate agents at the company’s annual awards ceremony. The brokerage celebrated the achievements of their 570+ team of top producing agents and honored individuals for outstanding contributions to the team.

Realty Austin Company-wide Individual Top Producer Awards
Based on overall sales, Realty Austin’s no. 1 individual top producing agent was awarded to  Brian Copland. Since joining RA in 2012, Brian has been steadily increasing his year-over-year sales. Fast forward 8 years later, he has continued to elevate his business while balancing life as a proud father of 3.

Realty Austin’s Top 50 Producing Individuals include:

Realty Austin Company-wide Top Producer Team Awards
The no. 1 Top Producing Team company-wide at Realty Austin was Joe and Cara Keenan. Since joining Realty Austin in 2010, this husband and wife duo has continued to prosper year over year and grow into a powerhouse real estate team.

Realty Austin’s Top 5 Producing Teams include:

RA|Effect Awards
The RA|Effect award recognizes a top achiever who has been on the Realty Austin team less than two years and achieved the biggest increase in sales since joining.

  • Realty Austin Southwest RA|Effect award winner is Joi Jones. Joi grew her sales 171% in 2020.
  • Realty Austin North RA|Effect award winner is John Richardson. John grew his sales 78% in 2020.
  • Realty Austin Central RA|Effect award winner is Mark Pearce. Mark grew his sales 57% in 2020.

Realty Austin MVP Awards
The Realty Austin Most Valuable Player award is presented to the individuals who contribute to Realty Austin as a whole in a significant way.

  • Realty Austin Southwest MVP is Mark Alexander for his huge efforts and commitment to help others succeed.
  • Realty Austin North MVP is Amy Gandy for offering mentoring, and always exemplifying a positive and professional attitude to strive for the best.
  • Realty Austin Central MVP is Ashley Brinkman for her outstanding contributions to Realty Austin and willingness to share her extensive industry experience.

Realty Austin Team Spirit Awards
The Realty Austin Team Spirit award is given to the agents who embrace the culture, exude a positive attitude, and are a cheerleader for all things Realty Austin.

  • Realty Austin Southwest Team Spirit Honoree is Robie Dodson for embracing the Realty Austin culture of Work Hard, Play Hard, and Give Back to the fullest.
  • Realty Austin North Team Spirit Honoree is David & Alyssa Ramirez for always being strong Realty Austin advocates and their willingness to share success tips with others. 
  • Realty Austin Central Team Spirit Honoree is Ami Davis for being a leader as an Realty Austin ambassador and uplifting others with her positive attitude.

Realty Austin Heartbeat Awards
The Realty Austin Heartbeat Award is given to an agent who fully embraces the culture of ‘work hard, play hard and give back’. 

  • Realty Austin Southwest Heartbeat honoree is Jeffrey Schnabel for always stepping up to help others and for giving so much of his time and contributions to all the charitable causes Realty Austin supports.
  • Realty Austin North heartbeat honoree is Dina Madj for embodying the company’s culture with her whole heart and soul through mentoring and leading as a Realty Austin Ambassador. 
  • Realty Austin Central Heartbeat honoree is Sumina Bhatti for her contribution to agents’ well being, hosting weekly meditations, leading gratitude challenges, and helping all those around her stay connected.

Realty Austin Diamond Club
The Realty Austin Diamond Club is an exclusive group of agents who close over $10M and teams that closed over $15M in 2020. To put their qualifications in perspective only 5% of Realtors in Austin sold over $10M in real estate in 2020 and 140 of them call Realty Austin home. 2020 Realty Austin’s Diamond Club has seen more members than any years past. To see a full list of honorees for 2020 click here!   

Realty Austin Sapphire Club
Starting in 2019, Realty Austin introduced a new program to recognize agents who sell more than $6M and teams who sell more than $9M. This is no easy accomplishment as only 12% of the 13,000 ABOR members achieve $6M in sales each year! We are proud to recognize 100 agents into our Sapphire Circle.

The Realty Austin Sapphire Circle honorees for 2020 are Jen Butel, Rosalia Chiu, Rebecca Gindele, Michelle Kopp, Ruth Lunday, Kristi Stavrou, Penny Moulder, Alan Adams, Kristen Rummel, Angele Moyseos, Ross Ponder, Katy Hall, Diane Jackson, Karen Willard, Katie Hobbs, Eric Meissner, Elena Royal Howard, Rela Manigsaca, Betsy Gallagher, Justin Phillips, Michael Langford, Allie Martinez, Dave Chastain, Allison Salmon, Jonna Juul-Hansen, Sharon Burd, Rick Whittemore, Bryan Swafford, Lily Clason, Gigi Jacks McClaskey, Denise DeJardo, Kathy Sokolic, Cory Culpepper, Tara Usrey, Sal Silva, Barrett Sandefur, Suad Krebber, Amy Tisdale, Kevin Hutchison, Matt Zukauckas, Elliott Sanchez, Michelle Allen, Carrie Hiner, Patsy Aird, Clark Gray, Susan Patterson, Jeffrey Schnabel, Polly Clarke, Rita Little, Daphne Arender, Peter van Kooij, Chuck Jenner, Bee Sharma, Joe Schleis, Laura Olesen, Brendan Doherty, Melanie McNearney, Rylan Clark, David Davis, Wendy Jansky Serra, Barron Johnson, Kelli Whirlow, Jean Holm, Laurie Engle, Sasha Vasquez, Gina Limon, Hunter Putegnat, Debbie Trominski, Lisa McGuire, Kim Moore, Meleah Wehman, Jeff Tucker, Jackie Ogier, Steve Adams, David Ivy, Susan deGraffenried, Jenny Rosas, Amanda Godwin, Paige Dahiyat, Don Cox, Lauren Bach, Albert Allen, Beverly Silverman, Stephanie Collins, James Watson, Morgan Simpson, Carson Gallagher, Ashley Bobel, JC Adams, Rhonda Gehrke, Adam Fogelsong, Ferree Rhodes, Kyle Roberts, Amy Whitston, Krissy Kratch, Phil Hutson, Anna Carter, Caroline Mowry, Rachel Lasseter, Michael Rodriguez, Elliot Pemberton, Sherri Breaux, Reese Phillips, Nick Pierce, Kevin Wilhelm, Chris Peña, Naomi Bourgeois, James Jarvis, Heather Balderach, Kathy Jacobs, Alfredo Bernal, Jeffrey Nyland, Raymond Torres, Ashley Jackson, Doug Byron, Lisa Hill, Nathan Pinson, Donna Ciccarelli, Kelley Menefee, Winona Barron, Libby Arnold, Gina Nyland, Catherine Compton, Suzanne Valentine, Jeff Hill, Eddie Karam, Richard Fowler, Gabi Leite, Jaden Harper, Daniel Hill, Mike Harper, Rhianon Cote, and Brian O’Connor.

Work at Realty Austin
We didn’t just build a company. We created a place for people to work together, inspire others, find support and realize their dreams. Are you getting everything you need to reach your full potential? If you’re serious about your business and want to become the best agent you can be, contact us today!

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