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Realty Austin 2019 Achievement Awards

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Austin’s #1 Best Place to Work Honors Outstanding Agents at RA|CON 2020

AUSTIN, TX— Realty Austin, the #1 independent residential real estate firm in Austin, honored its top real estate agents and staff’s 2019 accomplishments at the company’s annual conference RA|CON 2020 and awards show. View event photos on Realty Austin’s Facebook Page.

Realty Austin hosted peer panel discussions on coaching, leads, and ninja selling, in addition to guest speaker Mike Staver, author of the best selling book Leadership Isn’t For Cowards. Co-owners Jonathan and Yvette Boatwright shared the company’s 2020 goals with their team.

Realty Austin Company-wide Individual Top Producer Awards

Realty Austin honored Adam Walker, as the company’s #1 Top Producing Individual

Based on overall sales, Realty Austin’s no. 1 individual top producing agent Adam Walker was awarded top honors. After joining Realty Austin in 2014, Adam coined the phrase #shouldamadethemovesooner after over doubling his business upon joining the company.

Realty Austin’s no. 2 individual top producing agent was Brian Copland. Previously the owner of his own brokerage, Brian realized he wanted to focus on selling rather than running a brokerage. Since joining, Brian steadily increased his year-over-year sales and is now a Ninja, perennial diamond clubber, a PT50 finalist and a proud father of 3.

Realty Austin’s no. 3 top producer was Dustin Lawless with a break-out in closing 2 luxury leads since joining the company in 2018. Dustin has been a real estate agent in Texas since 2004, coming from a family of real estate professionals. Determination, honesty, and integrity are the guiding principles by which Dustin conducts his business and interacts with his clients.

Realty Austin’s Top 10 is completed by:

  1. Ashley Brinkman
  2. Kelvin Glover
  3. Jen Berbas
  4. Jeff Sehon
  5. Aaron Nann
  6. Carlos Ojeda
  7. Sari Pearce

Realty Austin Company-wide Top Producer Team Awards

Realty Austin honored The Lisa Muñoz Team, as the company’s #1 Top Producing Team

The no. 1 Top Producing team company-wide at Realty Austin was the Lisa Muñoz Team. As the original RA Ninja, this team has more than doubled their sales since joining Realty Austin in 2011.

The no. 2 Top Producing team company-wide in 2019 was Joe and Cara Keenan, and no. 3 was the Gail Huebel and Ben Pierson Team.


Realty Austin Diamond Club

The Realty Austin Diamond Club is an exclusive group of agents who close over $10M and teams that close over $15M in 2019. To put their qualifications in perspective, only 3% of Realtors in Austin sold over $10M in real estate in 2019. Realty Austin has 100 of them.

The Realty Austin Diamond Club honorees for 2019 are Aaron Nann, Adam Walker, Alexia Dauterive, Allison Olson, Alyssa Ramirez, Ami Davis, Amy Mills, Amy Paczosa, Art Fonseca, Ashley Brinkman, Aubrey Shaw, Benée Arndt, Ben Pierson, Barrett Raven, Betsy Smith, Beverly M. Williams, Brian Copland, Bryan Greenleaf, Burt Dement, Cara Keenan, Carlisle Kennedy, Carlos Ojeda, Carolyn Watts, Charla Housson, Charles Runnels, Cristina Valdés, Cynthia Mattiza, Damon Brown, Daphne Quay, Darcy Newton, David Ramirez, Debbie Barrerra, Doug Byron, Dustin Lawless, Eddie Karam, Erin Rost, Fara Kosari, Gail Huebel, Gillian Robb, Haval Abbas, Jackie Horton, Jane Hume, Jéan Bruns, Jeff Sehon, Jen Berbas, Jennifer Henry, Jenny Rosas, Jenny Walker, Jeremy Fisher, Joe Keenan, Jonna Juul-Hansen, Juanita Thornton, Kate Hamlin, Katie Wilsey, Kathleen Wainwright, Kim Wilkin, Katie Jackson, Kelvin Glover, Kevin McCord, Kim Fodor, Kristina Modares, Lisa Muñoz Team, Liz Warren, Lockie Ealy, Mark Pearce, Megan Malloy, Melissa Roberts, Mike Harper, Nicole Sislen, Michael Spickes, Natalia Roush, Nathan Pinson, Nick Easley, Patti Simon, Peter Van Kooij, Rebecca Greenleaf, Regina Cox, Rob Albertson, Robie Dodson, Rosalia Chiu, Ross Ponder, Ruth E. Powers, Ruth Lunday, Salma Manzur, Sari Pearce, Scott Joffe, Sharon Burd, Sharon Murray, Shelly Hemingson, Stacy Spickes, Stephanie Douglass, Sumina Bhatti, Susan Gaylean, Susie Lee, Tana Campbell, Todd Bailey, Todd Whelpley, Tony Elias, Yusuf Johnson.

Realty Austin team, The Eberly Group, celebrate their Diamond Club awards at RA|Con 2020. Featured from left to right: Katie Wilsey, Cynthia Mattiza, Carlisle Kennedy, and Benée Arndt.

Realty Austin Sapphire Circle

Starting in 2019, Realty Austin introduced a new program to recognize agents who sell more than $6M and teams who sell more than $9M. This is no easy accomplishment as only 8% of the 13,000 ABOR members achieve $6M in sales each year! We are proud to recognize 106 agents into our Sapphire Circle.

The Realty Austin Sapphire Circle honorees for 2019 are Alicia Kelley ,Allison Dady, Allison Salmon, Amanda Nguyen, Amy Gandy, Amy Tisdale, Amy Whitston, Angele Moyseos, Barron Johnson, Bee Sharma, Betty England, Bob Hachtel, Brian O’Connor, Brian Schaffer, Brooke Steele, Cameron Cummings, Caren Upshaw, Catalina Castellanos, Catherine Compton, Cathy Trifiro, Chad Mize, Chad Proctor, Cheri Martz, Chris Heagerty, Chuck Jenner, Clark Gray, Cory Culpepper, Cyndi Cummings, Dane Ellenbogen, David Cummings, Deanna Garza, Daniel Hill, Denise DeJardo, Diane Jackson, Donna Ciccarelli, Elena Royal Howard, Ellen Outlaw, Emily Russell, Gretchen Lynn Janzow, Heather Balderach, Heather Swick, Henry Valles, Holly McCormick, Jackie Ogier, James Zombola, JC Adams, Jeff Burke, Jeff Hill, Jen Butel, John Richardson, Johnny Ronca, Jon Chambers, Jordan Johnson, Juli Wehmeyer, Julie Lavender, Karen Matuszewski, Kelley Menefee, Kelli Whirlow, Kevin Haines, Kevin Hutchison, Kevin Wilhelm, Kim Fry, Kristen Fojtik, Kristen Jacobs, Kristin Kreisel, Lauren Bach, Laurie Kriegel, Lawrence Pritchett, Lisa Hill, Lori Goto, Mahshid Caras, Manny Arce, Marianne Schaffer, Mark Alexander, Mark Kolbe, Matt Pariseau, Matt Zukauckas, Meleah Wehman, Michaela Hachtel, Michael Said, Michelle Keahey, MJ Moran, Morgan Simpson, Penny Moulder, Pete Russian, Polly Clarke, Raymond Torres, Rebecca Gindele, Rhianon Cote, Richard Fowler, Rick Rabon, Rob Kellogg, Ryan Gamble, Sandra May, Sara Warner, Sarabeth Peterson, Sasha Lifschitz, Sherry Ellenbogen, Sherry Hendrickson, Sue Lindell, Susan deGraffenried, Susan Patterson, Sydney Schuster, Ted Esquibel, Tracie Patterson, Wendy Jansky, and Zach Wallace.

Realty Austin agents enjoying the company’s annual awards and achievements conference RA|Con 2020. Featured from left to right: Elena Royal Howard, Albert Allen, Sherry Hendrickson, Kim Fry, Rita Little, Rob Kellogg, and Ted Esquibel.

Realty Austin RA|Effect Awards

The RA|Effect award recognizes a top achiever who has been on the Realty Austin team less than two years and achieved the biggest increase in sales since joining.

Realty Austin Southwest RA|Effect  Award recipient is Rick Whittemore. Rick grew his sales 2200% in 2019.

Realty Austin North RA|Effect  Award recipient is Chris Heagerty. She is also one of the company’s top company lead closers. 

Realty Austin Central RA|Effect  Award recipient is Jen Berbas. Jen grew her sales 149% in 2019.

Realty Austin Outstanding Service Awards

Realty Austin honored Kelvin Glover, with the company’s Team Spirit Award

In addition, the Realty Austin team awarded its team members with Superlative Awards for outstanding performances in unique areas.

Each year the Realty Austin Team Spirit award is given to an agent who is always a cheerleader for Realty Austin, shows up at all company events, and truly exudes #realtyawesome.  Kelvin Glover was voted by his peers as the 2019 recipient for embracing spirit and constantly adding value and loving on his RA community.

The Realty Austin Golden Hard Hat award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond our mission to give back by volunteering on all of the Habitat build days. Jeffrey Schnabel, and Paco Bertsch were this year’s recipients who stepped up to heed the call and serve all day every day of the 8th Annual Habitat build. Logging more than 80+ hours on the construction site, these two agents showed up bright and early with a grateful heart and rolled up their sleeves to ensure the success of our Habitat build.

Realty Austin honored Peter Van Kooij, with the company’s Heartbeat Award

The Realty Austin Heartbeat Award recognizes an agent who embodies the company’s culture with whole heart and soul, and has made an outstanding contribution to Realty Austin’s mission, vision, and core values. Work hard, play hard, give back is in their blood and beats through their hearts. Peter Van Kooij was selected as this year’s recipient, for showing up in full spirit at all events night and day! Whether it’s professional or charitable, he can always be counted on and a friendly colleague to everyone.

Realty Austin’s Unsung Hero award is presented to a staff member who works tirelessly behind the scenes to help agents in ways that make a huge impact or outstanding significance to the company. The company’s Accounting Director, Penelope Kemper was honored for her grit, courage, and self-sacrifice to the company over the past year. She seamlessly orchestrated and managed the build-out of three state-of-the-art “offices of the future” simultaneously – all while navigating her demanding day job of leading a very happy and productive accounting team.

Realty Austin honored Karissa-Smith, with the company’s MVP Award

Realty Austin’s Most Valuable Player award recognizes an agent or staff member who made the most outstanding contribution to Realty Austin as a whole. The company honored Karissa Smith, for consistently going above and beyond. She is continuously adapting, action-oriented and has been instrumental in helping to push team projects over the finish line.

For the grand finale, the Realty Austin Humanitarian Award went to Ashley Brinkman, as she has made an outstanding financial contribution to our mission of supporting local charities that accommodate the housing needs of low-income families in the Austin area.

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