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QR Codes and Real Estate

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QR codes are starting to show up in dozens of places — on business cards, property mailers, in-store products — but they’re presence is not yet commonly known. Stores in Japan have been implementing these barcodes for years now issuing them on a product’s price tag. Their customers can scan the QR barcodes with their smartphones as a way to find a store with the product’s best value or in-stock. Now actively being used in the United States, QR (Quick Response) codes are barcodes which can convey much larger amounts of information than barcodes you would see on most retail items. When a QR code is scanned, it will send your smartphone’s web browswer to a designated webpage, or prompt you to make a phone call, send an email or a text message. The QR code on the right is a link to this blog page. Free QR scanners are available for most phones. has an informative page on QR code readers and can help you get the right one for your phone.

Realty Austin has been implementing QR codes to more adeptly get information to clients. Realty Austin’s latest business cards contain QR codes that, when scanned, will take the user to the Realtor’s bio page.

Shortly though, use of QR codes will allow for a more information-rich realty experience. Those looking to buy a house can scan a QR code on a flyer and land on the page’s online listing, which can contain information such as photos, videos that a flyer cannot. For sellers, this means that your house’s webpage, the most informative and interactive place for information on your home short of visiting, is now more accessible to potentially interested buyers.

The use of QR codes is a new way to facilitate communications between buyers, sellers and agents and should make the process more accessible and engaging than ever before.

Maggie Favley of Realty AustinBlog written by Maggie Falvey of Realty Austin, originally posted on her Austin Real Estate blog, Maggie is an Austin Real Estate agent working in Austin, Texas, and specializing in Central Austin Homebuying and Homeseling. Contact her by filling out her Reatly Austin agent contact form on her agent profile, or search all homes in Austin on

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