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Newsweek Ranks Austin as Top Place Poised for Recovery

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Austin #1 among top 10 list of best performing cities during this nation’s economic recovery.

A recent Newsweek article ranked the 10 best performing American cities in recovery after the recession.

Out of 10 of the best, Austin ranked #1 claiming the title as the best of the best.

The study was based on the number of jobs, average salary, unemployment rate, affordable housing and low cost of living. Austin continues to have the strongest job growth holding this rank over the last decade. With its plethora of government, education and tech jobs, it’s no wonder the city has faired well in the recession. Both international businesses and local startups thrive in Austin. The low cost of living and affordable housing secure a high quality of life and also make Austin the best contender in this time of recovery.

Three other Texas cities boasted their economic recovery success on the list. Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston also ranked high making Texas the No. 1 state for job-seeking Americans. Texas cities boast a healthy energy industry and tend to attract succuessful entrepreneurs. Because of Texas’ success, Newsweek is calling this highly sought-after state the Texaplex, a quadraplex of top performing cities in today’s economy.

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