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Living the Downtown Life in Austin

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It’s pretty easy to see that Austin and its surrounding areas are among the most rapidly expanding cities in the US. Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and the small towns surrounding Austin are experiencing major growth. If you’re one of the many people who work in downtown Austin, you may have considered moving to one of these towns and commuting to work, but what you may not realize is that downtown Austin is quite livable and offers a distinct sense of community. Here are 5 reasons to love the downtown Austin lifestyle.

One of the big myths about living in downtown Austin is that it is a pain to get around. The truth is twofold—first, you don’t need to get around as much when everything you want is within a 4 block radius of your home. Second, the CapMetro bus and MetroRail cover a lot of ground here. If you do need something further away and you don’t want to deal with driving downtown, you can often count on the public transportation system to get you there and back.

Lots of TV shows and movies have given people the notion that living in a big city’s urban core is about going clubbing every night and strolling through a different art gallery every afternoon. With so much of Austin’s entertainment and cultural happenings centered around downtown Austin, there certainly is some truth to that. From Congress Avenue’s many art galleries and theaters, to live music venues on Red River, to the famous 6th Street and West 2nd Street bars and clubs, there’s no shortage of things to do downtown.

Austin has a bit of a reputation for a particular kind of food: Tex-Mex. But anyone who has lived here for more than a week can tell you that Tex-Mex is just one of many food specialties you’ll find here. Come to downtown Austin and you’ll find that you can get almost any kind of food – from Japanese fusion to barbecue to tapas, both from restaurants and at food trailers. The annual Taste of Texas event is a great way to introduce yourself to our wide range of culinary delights.

Let’s not forget the golden bubbly. No, not champagne—beer. Austin is famous for its staggering variety of craft beers, from the traditional hoppy-as-heck pales to some truly unusual beers. Try Fuego, Twisted X’s jalapeño pilsner that will put a burn in the back of your throat, or maybe Infamous’s Pumpkin Pecan Porter. And of course all of Austin’s amazing craft beers are served up in downtown pubs like The Ginger Man or Craft Pride.

You’d expect to find a variety of weird shops in any urban core. And since Austin is the weirdest city in Texas, this means yes, you can find almost anything here. You want gold-illuminated Tarot cards? How about a pen that records your strokes and automatically post everything you write to your computer? Or perhaps a wedding train made of chain mail? Downtown Austin has everything you’d hope to find and thousands of things you’ve never thought to look for.

The reasons to live near downtown Austin are numerous. Convenience, dining, and entertainment just barely scratch the surface. If you want to experience life in Austin’s urban core firsthand, be sure to attend Realty Austin’s open house on June 1, 2014. Also, plan to visit the Downtown Austin Living Tour taking place that same day. Check out some of our latest downtown listings below.

Realty Austin Downtown Austin Listings

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