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Inspiring Patio Spaces for a Chic Outdoor Oasis | Patio Ideas

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With sunny days and warmer nights approaching Austin, it’s the perfect time to pay attention to your patio! Patios can be difficult spaces to decorate, and sometimes we don’t even know our own style of furnishings. A patio is part of your home, and it should be connected to the rest of your home! Whether you want a daytime retreat, a large dining area, or an urban oasis, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of inspiring spaces and bring these design ideas into your own patio at home!

List of Inspiring Patio Spaces:

Blue and White Poolside Patio

Image of Blue and White Poolside Patio

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Many Austinites have pools in their backyard, and there are so many ways you can design your backyard pool oasis! Create a poolside patio with comfort in mind by including a seating area paired with upholstered cushions mixed with other blue and white striped fabrics. Add furniture pieces with wood accents and light or dark-colored stains (your style preference). Decorate your poolside patio with ocean-inspired decorative pieces, such as starfish, woven baskets, and blue colored stained vases.

Bohemian Patio

Image of Bohemian Patio

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Santa Monica is the perfect city to get inspiration for a bohemian themed patio space. An architectural design choice, like a built-in stucco sectional, adds character and simplicity to your patio. Featuring cushions with striped fabric creates an inviting, fun space for the whole family to enjoy. Wicker pendants, a table, and chairs inspired by French design give your patio a bohemian look! For extra details, add textures lighting and native plants to create a cozier and vacation like space.

Bougainvillea-Draped Patio

Image of Bougainvillea-Draped Patio

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Sometimes it can be difficult to create the perfect poolside oasis, but a Bougainvillea-Draped inspired patio can solve the issue! Add furniture pieces to your patio with character, like a carved wood daybed surrounded by Bougainvillea (popular ornamental plants in most areas with warm climates, such as Florida and South Carolina, and across the Mediterranean). This luscious plant will bring Mediterranean vibes and create a Miami themed poolside patio.

Chic Wooden Patio

Image of Chic Wooden Patio

Image Credit:

Make the most out of your narrow patio by incorporating canvas-covered poufs, a white wing chair by Ikea, and white dining chairs. The more simple you go with the design and furniture pieces in narrow patio space, the more space it will look like you have! To create more shade on your patio, buy an umbrella or some sort of pergola that’s adjustable!

Classic Backyard Patio

Image of Classic Backyard Patio

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Simple black mid-20th-century steel furniture, unique sculpture pieces, and a beautiful green garden can create a backyard patio with the aesthetic of home in Paris. Not into steel furniture? Wood furniture pieces can also add character to space and give your patio more of an 18th century Parisian home!

Colorful Geometric Patio

Image of Colorful Geometric Patio

Image Credit:

Not a big fan of organic shapes and patterns? Create a patio space inspired by all sorts of geometric patterns! Decorate your patio with a banquette covered in African textiles found in Ibiza, an urn found in a nearby village, floor cushions that are covered in remnants of antique Moroccan kilims and a Moroccan rug! Anything that you can find that’s geometric put it in your patio! To balance the space out, add plants and white accent pieces.

Delightful Secluded Patio

Image of Delightful Secluded Patio

Image Credit:

A delightful secluded patio is inspired by the simplicity of nature and lifestyle. A delightful secluded patio is meant for intimate moments with friends or family, or a plunge into an adventurous book. To create this patio look, get a table covered in cloth with lots of patterns and colors. Find antique garden chairs that are inspired by the Provence region in France. Top the space off with cozy brick to make your patio an outside home in Normandy.

Exceptional Patio Furnishings

Image of Exceptional Patio Furnishings

Image Credit:

An exceptional furnishings inspired patio is a backyard patio filled with unexpected furnishings! Create an exceptional patio space with wicker seating, pillows covered in a striped design fabric, and folding chairs and paintings hanging on the exterior of the house. You can find unique pieces by discovering work by local artists from art flea markets.

Garden Wall Patio

Image of Garden Wall Patio

Image Credit:

Sometimes it can be hard to create a private patio and backyard. A lush garden wall can fix that problem! A garden wall gives you the privacy you need and the lush garden environment you’ve wanted to create an urban backyard oasis. Pair the garden wall with a surrounding long wood table from with chairs anchored by flamed Portuguese limestone to transform any patio into a London garden wall patio!

Limestone Cabana

Image of Limestone Cabana

Image Credit:

Texas is no stranger to limestone, and that’s why a limestone cabana inspired patio space is perfect! To highlight the limestone, create a stucco-walled patio, and dress it up with some of your favorite outdoor-friendly artwork. A low teak table and chairs set off a wall adorned with staghorn ferns and baskets made in Zambia. Create the patio floor with limestone, and top it off with a rug inspired by Moroccan design to make the perfect limestone cabana patio!

Neutral Tiled Patio

Image of Neutral Tiled Patio

Image Credit:

Not only can you use tiles in your kitchen or bathrooms, but you can use tile in your backyard patio! Whether you want more of a neutral tile to cover your whole patio, or tile with bold patterns to create a small accent wall, tile will make your patio look stunning! Pair your patio tiles with a custom sofa with cushions, vintage chairs, and a cocktail table to create an inviting space for family and friends!

Mixed-Neutral Patio

Image of Mixed-Neutral Patio

Image Credit:

Similar to the Moroccan inspired patios, mixed neutral patios are inspired by Moroccan design. What makes mixed neutral designs different is that it’s all about simplicity and textures. Pair a low, long table with a seating bench. To get even crazier with textures, transform existing planters into new seats for your outdoor table. To finish the look, add inexpensive and simple cushions from Ikea to give the space a brighter and cozier feel.

Moroccan-Inspired Patio

Image of Moroccan-Inspired Patio

Image Credit:

Create a Moroccan inspired seating space on your porch by layering your cozy sofa with layers of unique throw pillows. Try finding pillows and fabrics that are made in other countries such a Peru. Hand made fabrics or will add a more custom look to your space, and more personality. If you have a boring wall, try creating your own stencil that matches the theme of your space to add a pop of color and point of interest. Adding vintage decorations and lighting to a porch will also add more character and light to space.

Mountain Side Lounge

Image of Mountain Side Lounge

Image Credit:

Do you love the mountains in Colorado and wish you could bring the mountains to you? Well, you can create a patio inspired by your love for the mountains! Create a covered terrace with dark stained wood accents on the ceiling for more character and add stone accents to create a feeling of being in the mountains. Finish off the patio with furnished soft seating to create a cozy space for watching TV or enjoying the flicker of the fireplace!

Rustic California Patio

Image of Rustic California Patio

Image Credit:

Have you ever wanted to create a patio space inspired by mid century modern homes in Los Angeles? Creating a rustic California patio can give you the aesthetic of a midcentury modern look with a rustic flair. Carefully preserve the laid-back vibe and nature of your outdoor space, then pair those natural, rustic elements with a Turkish towel top daybed and textured and bright pillows with comfortable seating.

Small Hidden Patio

Image of Small Hidden Patio

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Many of us don’t have the luxury of having a big patio space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish or comfortable. Create a small patio designed for peace and tranquility by adding a swing by the garden, and iron/steel furniture pieces with vintage chairs. Add red cushions (or any color you would like), to add a pop of color and point of interest in your small hidden patio!

Stylish White Patio

Image of Stylish White Patio

Image Credit:

Some of us like to keep it really simple and like to create spaces that are bright and clean. A stylish white patio can create the perfect space that can make any patio look chic and in style! To create a stylish white patio, buy some white chaise lounges and match it with a white umbrella. To make the space more balanced, make sure to have light wood accents in the furniture pieces. This white on white look can reflect the stylish aesthetic of a Ralph Lauren clothing collection (which means chic and stylish)!

Urban Oasis Patio

Image of Urban Oasis Patio

Image Credit:

Have you ever dreamed about having a patio that felt like you were in the middle of a New York City condo? Create a wall of plants along your patio wall to bring a bit of nature. You can add a pop of color to the space by choosing plants with flowers. To add more comfort to your patio space, add a custom sofa or a unique furniture piece. To make the patio more of a livable space, pair your sofa with a chic coffee table!

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