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How to Keep Up with 158 People Moving to Austin Per Day

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Two years ago, Mark Sprague, an Austin-based economist and State Director of Information Capital at Independence Title Company stated that approximately 158 people (40 families) were moving to Austin each and every day. With Austin topping countless year-end real estate, economic, and lifestyle lists in late 2012 and early 2013 (Forbes’ fastest growing cities, 2013), that number is pushing ever closer to 200. 158 people a day – at least. That means each day, Austin’s real estate industry needs to grow to support 40 additional family-sized houses, our roads need to be able to support 65 additional cars, and our economy needs to support 40 more households

Austin is the poster-child for a city in growth. It’s in every editorial online, every cultural critique of our major events (SXSW, ACL, Circuit of the Americas), and our city is under the watchful eye of every real estate investor in the country. The market is hot.

So what does this mean for the Austin real estate community? It means that we are in one the most competitive and fast-paced markets in the nation. So how do we as an agency continue to provide top-notch care for our buyers and sellers?

Technology Developments: the Mobile Revolution

As the technological onslaught continues, the real estate community has been using advancements in the way people can search and find homes as a way to make real estate more accessible. In early 2012, the idea that mobile would soon supersede the traditional home desktop/laptop search was hatched at the 2012 Real Estate Connect conference. Now that we’re nearly halfway through 2013, the mobile platform has grown larger and many national real estate companies have taken to launching interactive mobile versions of their website optimized for use on iPads and smart phones. By adapting the Austin real estate search to be a more interactive and access-it-as-you-go experience, we’re able to bring both the efficient and compact nature of mobile search into a highly localized business model.

Localized Service

Even with all the advancements in search technology, at the end of the day, buyers like to interact with an actual person when they’re in the process of searching and purchasing. While having a local online presence is a key part of our web experience, we also believe in the old ways. By opening up regional offices in several of Austin’s locales, Realty Austin is able to offer in-person locally focused insight and attention to buyer and sellers in the area. At any of our offices, you can get face-to-face with real estate experts in the area you’re interested in. This is a service we provide to our buyers that they won’t find anywhere else. Here are all of our regional offices:

  • Downtown
  • Westlake
  • Lake Travis
  • Southwest
  • Northwest (Avery Ranch)

The “Agency” Effect

To some buyers and sellers, real estate agencies have the stigma of offering bulk real estate expertise while letting their customer services slide. With Realty Austin, we’ve managed our agency so that buyers have access to the most experienced and knowledgeable realtors in the area. Our select realtors are experts in their respective neighborhoods and regions, which means our buyers are getting the most expertise in their desired neighborhood. By offering Realty Austin clients access to our wide array of diversified experts, we’re able to offer the best customer care to any type of client looking for real estate in any part of Austin.

With an ever-growing city and a real estate market run wild, Realty Austin is setting our customers and clients up for success by offering cutting edge search capabilities, localized service and expertise – both online and brick and mortar – and the ability to handle any type of buyer with any type of need. We’re staying on top of the Austin real estate race to bring a more efficient, effective, and elastic home buying/selling process to our customers.

For more information on our services or speak with an agent today, get in touch with Realty Austin.

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