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Interior Design Trends That Are In And Out | Home Interior Trends

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Homeowners and interior designers are always seeking new home interior trends to change things up in their homes and designs. Changing up your space can be confusing and challenging, especially when you don’t know your own style and don’t know the new interior trends. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of home interior trends that are in and out to help you update and refresh your home!

List of Home Interior Trends:

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Image of Blue and White Poolside Patio

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A lot of people are afraid to use color in their home designs. But now, interior design is all about color, and sticking to one color! Bold monochromatic color schemes like blues or greens can evoke space in a more daring way. Color has personality and elegance to it, and why not add those qualities in your home space as well!

Fun Bathroom Designs

Image of Fun Bathroom Designs

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Most of us forget to make our bathroom and powder bathroom as interesting and fun as the rest of our homes. Not anymore! Add pops of color and character to your bathroom by adding a bold wallpaper design. Bathrooms are a great space to experiment with color, materials, and of course, wallpaper!

Multi-Functional Spaces

Image of Multi-Functional Spaces

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With more of us working from home, having a multifunctional space is super important. Closets can easily be combined into offices (same with unused formal dining spaces), offices can be combined with guest rooms, guest rooms with studios, etc. To make a multifunctional workspace fun, use fashion-forward decor to blend the two functioning spaces seamlessly into an inspiring and productive area!

3 Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Image of 3 Tone Kitchen Cabinets

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All-white kitchens are no longer the trend. All-white kitchens are far less exciting, and homeowners are moving towards more personality and color in their homes! That’s why three-tone kitchen cabinets are the new trend! Why only choose one color or texture for your cabinets when you can choose three!

Waterfall Countertops

Image of Waterfall Countertops

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Why have your countertops stop at the top of your cabinets? Waterfall countertops are countertops that drop vertically down the sides instead of stopping abruptly at the edge of a cabinet or island. This creates a continuous flow and links the floor to the cabinetry in a fluid and natural manner!

Quartz Countertops

Image of Quartz Countertops

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Everyone wants a kitchen that’s both functional and stylish. But marble requires a lot of maintenance, and not that many people want to deal with the upkeep of real stone. Now, there’s no need to cut on your design choices! Kitchen counters can now be easy to maintain! Out with marble and in with quartz! Quartz gives you the look of real stone, but it is easy to maintain and keep clean!

Wide Plank Flooring

Image of Wide Plank Flooring

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Wide wood plank hardwood flooring is a rustic and beautiful addition to any floor with a modern flare! Wide plank flooring is available in a variety of woods, including oak, maple, bamboo, acacia, and more. Just like the thin wood planks, wide plank hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain. All it takes is a sweep and light mopping!

Colorful and Bold Tile

Image of Colorful and Bold Tile

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Are you getting sick of seeing subway tile being overused in every space? 2020 is all about color and bold patterns! Pick a tile with high contrast, such as a black and white tile. Or choose a bold pattern with a little bit of drama. Choosing the perfect tile is important in your home because it gives guests an idea of your personality!

Container Pools

Image of Container Pools

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Shipping container pools have some perks. They’re an eco-friendly, clever alternative to traditional swimming pools and a creative way to repurpose! They are especially convenient when you have a smaller backyard and don’t have the room to put in a regular pool. They are also more cost-effective!

Layering Old And New

Image of Layering Old And New

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Mixing and matching old and new furniture and decorative pieces is a new trend in interior design. Having unique furniture pieces help tell the story of the homeowners and of the space. Having unique pieces from traveling or pieces sourced from a flea market can add character and comfort to a space. Adding new and modern furniture will help balance out all the vintage pieces.

Photo Wall

Image of Photo Wall

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Candid vacation snapshots. Formal family portraits. Contemporary art. Flea market finds. Your most prized pictures and artistic expressions deserve a special place in your home, a gallery! Finding the right mix of colors, sizes, textures, and balance takes not only creativity but also a bit of mathematical patience!

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