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Fall Yard Care Tips by Kaplan Gordon

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It’s fall and while the weather perfect, the yard is a mess. Taking care of your lawn can be easier said than done. For those homeowners with yards, here’s Kaplan Gordon’s fall yard care tips to help you work smarter, not harder, this fall season.

  1. Aerate your yard whether you have grass or not. Aeration gives your ground a chance to breath in autumn by allowing oxygen & nutrients to reach grass, plants & tree roots. You can buy a hand-aerating tool for approx. $20, but it’s labor intensive. You can also rent gas-powered aerating machines for about $20/hour. I recommend asking your neighbors if they want to share the rental, that’s what we do.
  2. Seed before the first frost. If you want a lush lawn, buy the good stuff ($55 for 15 pounds of Kentucky Bluegrass seed), which resists drought, disease, & insects. Water your new seed every day for 10 to 20 days until it germinates. For a more drought resistant, native approach, I am happy to recommend a landscape designer to help you eliminate some, if not all, of your grass.
  3. Fertilize in late fall to help your grass survive winter & encourage it to grow green & lush in spring. Choose a product with nitrogen-rich fertilizers rather than high phosphorous contents which can pollute our watershed.
  4. Mulch instead of raking leaves by running over leaves a couple of times or buy a mulching blade ($10) to attach to your mower that will grind the leaves even finer. The shredded leaves protect grass from winter wind and desiccation, plus shredded leaves decompose into yummy organic matter to feed grass, plants and tree roots.

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