Realty Austin’s Guide to Fall Festivals in Austin

Austinites enjoy their festivals as frequently as they enjoy their breakfast tacos and BBQ…Every. Single. Day. Fall is the perfect season to get back outside and enjoy the outdoors without the heat and humidity that comes with summer. Austin Festivals cover every niche from live music and film, to Formula One race cars. They are a huge part of Austin’s eclectic culture, so make plans to attend one of Realty Austin’s top picks for Fall festivals.

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Image of Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin

With over 75,000 people flocking to Zilker Park per day for this event, Austin City Limits reigns as the heavyweight champion of music festivals in Austin. Over 130 performing artists, this festival spans two weekends and is the biggest and baddest of its kind. Why you should go: Attending ACL Festival is an Austin rite of passage.

Fantastic Fest

Image of Fantastic Fest in Austin

Hailed as “The Most Important Film Festival in North America” by Texas Monthly and the largest one in the U.S., Fantastic Fest features the best horror, fantasy, sci-fi and action thrillers from around the world. If your love for film goes beyond sifting through Netflix movies at home, this is a perfect event for you. Why you should go: Three reasons: The Alamo Drafthouse atmosphere. Fantastic movies. Great beer.

Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg

Want to experience a taste of Germany without the 18-hour flight? Just head West on 290 for a little over an hour till you hit the small town of Fredericksburg. For one weekend only you can get your fill of authentic German bratwurst and beer each day. Don’t forget to pack your Lederhosen outfit! Why you should go: Looking for an alternative to Austin City Limits? Look no further than Oktoberfest. This German festival is your safe haven from the droves of festival goers at Zilker Park and a weekend getaway full of German heritage.

Austin Film Festival

Image of Austin Film Festival in Austin
Photo by KUT Austin

This unique conference brings together professional and amateur screenwriters to celebrate the role of screenplays in filmmaking, and also hosts conversations focusing on craft and on particular films and television series. Attendees get a sneak peak to see all the great documentaries and independent films that everyone will be talking about next year. Why you should go: Truly a great opportunity to go beyond the screen, and into the creative minds of screenwriters and filmmakers alike.

Texas Book Festival

Image of Texas Book Festival in Austin

What started out as a small gathering back in 1995 has since evolved into one of the premier literary events in the country, and takes place in and around the State Capitol. The Texas Book Festival includes over 300 authors, dozens of panels, and much more! Why you should go: Not just a book festival, this event offers two days of live music, children’s activities, and cooking demonstrations. Also, a perfect time to find a great book to read outside with the cooler, fall temperatures in full swing.

Formula One Austin Fan Fest

At any typical racing event, the final lap signifies the end of an event. In the case of Fan Fest, things are just heating up. Once the checkered flag is waved and the track is cleared, head to downtown Austin to continue the celebration of the finest racing technology, culture and entertainment. Why you should go: With three music stages and multiple city blocks full of food trucks, interactive displays and racing simulators for free, why wouldn’t you want to go?

Austin Beer Week

Image of Austin Beer Week Fall Festival
Photo by Kristy Owen

Austin Beer Week is a collection of craft beer-related events spanning over a week with a sole purpose of celebrating and promoting craft breweries throughout central Texas. Why you should go: It may seem like every week in Austin is beer week, but this is one craft beer event you won’t want to miss. If you love beer, check out our comprehensive guide of Craft Breweries in Austin.

Wurstfest in New Braunfels

Image of Wurstfest Fall Festival
Photo by Samantha Leo

Similar to the Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg, this 10-day German style festival is a bit bigger and bolder than its predecessor. Experience authentic beers and German dishes from the Deutschland, and enjoy the best ten days in sausage history. Why you should go: With 10 days full of German food, rides and games, its like going to a carnival…but without the clowns. Plus, less than an hour drive away from Austin.

Sound on Sound Fest

Founded by Fun House Services in 2016, Sound on Sound is a festival based in Central Texas. Their aim is to transform the typical festival experience into a three day event with stellar bookings indie, punk, hip hop, metal, dance music, comedy, and live panel discussions. Why you should go: They offer a little bit of everything, so everyone leaves happy. Plus, you can post up a tent on the campgrounds and don’t have to worry about transportation!

Austin Music Video Festival

Image of Austin Music Video Festival
Photo by

Austin Music Video Festival takes place across downtown and puts on 4 days of screenings, an award show, interactive video technology, parties, panels, workshops, and live concerts. Additionally, they showcase both classic and cutting edge work. Why you should go: If you love watching music videos of your favorites artists, look no further than Austin Music Video Festival. These videos include global music, long form music films, virtual reality, and student works.

East Austin Studio Tour

Image of East Austin Studio Tour

East Austin Studio Tour isn’t your typical festival. For two weekends, the public is able to enjoy a free, self-guided art event with art-themed parties, a special culinary event with locals chefs, educational programs and more. Why you should go: Art fanatics of Austin rejoice! Two weekends of beautiful art showcased, plus parties, food and drinks. What more could you ask for?!

Austin Celtic Festival

For over 20 years, Austin Celtic Festival is dedicated to authentic Celtic traditions. Celtic music, dancing, sports, animals, and history are just a couple of things this festival offers. Why you should go: A family friendly festival with plenty of activities to choose from, plus a fun way to learn all about everything Celtic related.

Map of Fall Festivals in Austin

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