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Facebook Likely to Open 200-Person Office in Austin, Texas

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Austin, Texas: Facebook may accept a $1.4 million incentive from the state of Texas to open a 200-person office in Austin, Texas. The expansion would be the California-based company’s biggest outside of Palo Alto. The move is estimated to cost the social media site $3.1 million in setup and operations costs, says representatives of Gov. Rick Perry’s office.

Facebook’s decision to open an office in Austin overshadows Google’s decision to close their 100-person office 4 months after they started operations in 2008. State officials are confident that Facebook will follow through and not bruise Austin’s ego like Google did when they decided never to reopen their downtown Austin office.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg says Austin is attractive because of its deep talent pool and city incentives. She said, "Facebook continues to grow and Austin, with its deep talent pool, would allow us to hire the high-caliber employees we need to properly serve the people, advertisers and developers that rely on our service."

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