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Explore Austin Homes with Recording Studios Just In Time for SXSW

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One week out of the year, Austin becomes a metropolis – streets are full of people, food vendors stay open late and there’s always something to do 24/7. University students are out for Spring Break which eases traffic congestion somewhat, but Downtown Austin buzzes with festival goers, street vendors, and blockades set up for networking parties. The weather is yet to be determined, but nothing deters the crowds from coming because no matter what, everyone is happy. Happy to be on vacation, happy to be around like-minded peers and happy to just be in Austin. Who would ever want to leave?

Many visitors coming to SXSW are musicians, artists and filmmakers who fall in love with the city and vow to move to Austin by next year. Lucky for them, several Austin homes have recording studios, media rooms and theatre rooms to suit their needs. Are you looking for a home in Austin with a recording studio? Check out these Austin homes with recording studios in Austin, TX.

Homes with recording studios serve a dual purpose – you get to live where you work and work where you live. Homeowners with recording studios enjoy the freedom of recording in the studio whenever they want and renting it out to other artists when they aren’t using it. These unique properties are located in all areas of Austin and range from high-end luxury homes to modest priced homes. There’s something for everyone. With so many reasons to live in Austin, why would you leave? All you need is right here.

If you’re interested in staying around after SXSW and need a home with a recording studio, let us help you make the move to Austin. We have the resources to help you find your SXSW Dream home with a recording studio. Contact one of our Austin Real Estate Specialists to find out more about homes with recording studios in Austin and see how you can live and work in Austin after SXSW.

Photo above was taken at a home with a recording studio in Southwest Austin.

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