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Do You Think Austin’s Downtown is Pedestrian Friendly?

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As we continue to see increased development downtown, whether that means new construction or upgrades to existing buildings, the landscape of the downtown urban core continues to change every day. As part of the ongoing trend of urbanization, the Austin real estate industry is seeing more and more young, educated, professionals who want to live in urban centers with plenty of cultural amenities. That’s a huge contrast from their parents, who had a part in the boom of the country’s suburbs. (Pflugerville is a great example of an Austin suburb.) But is downtown Austin ready for the pedestrian and bicycle friendly culture to move in? 

Austin is currently working on the Great Streets Project, a state funded initiative that partners with both public and privately-owned properties to offer enhancements for their walkways, such as planting trees, widening sidewalks, and installing benches. But how is this going to affect downtown automobile commutes? 

Two reporters at the Austin American-Statesman took on the “Great Streets Challenge” to see if Austin’s downtown was pedestrian friendly enough or not. They also get into several key issues facing urban redevelopment and planning that are crucial to anyone looking to move into some downtown austin real estate.

You can watch the full video here. Please leave some comments below with what you think!

Great Streets Project Test Screenshot - Realty Austin

Image by Austin American-Statesman

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