Best Coffee Shops in Austin | Our Favorite Austin Coffee Shops
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Best Coffee Shops in Austin | Our Favorite Austin Coffee Shops

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If there is one thing Austin isn’t short of, it’s the number of unique coffee shops! It’s the fundamental fuel that Austinites run on (let’s not forget our tacos as well)! Whether you are looking for a spot to study, meet up with friends or clients, procrastinate, people watch or enjoy a coffee with an excellent book in hand; we’ve got you covered!

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

Anderson’s Coffee

Image of Anderson’s Coffee

1601 W 38th St, Austin, TX 78731

Texans cannot imagine Austin without Anderson’s coffee. It’s not just a local love affair. Since word of mouth praise is still the best advertising, today coffee drinkers all over the country order their beans from Anderson’s like New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, the list goes on! You can even enjoy their delicious coffee at a local bistro, Russell’s Bistro! They have a great outdoor patio where you can relax and eat a mouthwatering brunch with Anderson’s Coffee!

Baguette et Chocolat

Image of Baguette et Chocolat

12101 FM2244, Bee Cave, TX 78738

Nestled across from the Hill Country Galleria is the coffee and pastry shop, Baguette et Chocolat. This light, modern, and chic French bakery is wonderful for a caffeine fix before hitting the shops or for a delicious breakfast! Close your eyes and go to heaven with each bite of any pastry whatsoever. The bakery display is full of colorful macaroons and perfectly prepared pastries, and the drink menu puts a plain cup of coffee to shame!

Bennu Coffee

Image of Bennu Coffee

Multiple Locations

Bennu is more than just your average coffee shop. They offer high-quality coffee, locally sourced food and friendly service in a clean, comfortable atmosphere. Bennu provides a wide range of different coffees, and the cool part is that they are all named after classic works of literature! You can enjoy cozy indoor and outdoor seating area, free Wi-Fi, and workspaces while studying, relaxing or socializing. The best part is that they are open 24 hours!

Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

Image of Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

406 Walsh St, Austin, TX 78703

Better Half Coffee & Cocktails serves delicious coffee, cocktails, wine, neat spirits, draft beer, and offers a full menu from breakfast through dinner. Better Half serves adult-friendly drinks and also has a kid and dog-friendly patio. First come, first serve with no reservations. They are now open with a big ol’ parking lot out front, so it’s easier to get to and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or cocktail!

Brentwood Social House

Image of Brentwood Social House

1601 W Koenig Ln, Austin, TX 78756

Drawing inspiration from European cafes, Brentwood Social House is an inviting space that serves locally-made English baked goods, savory pies, quiche, sandwiches, salads and a wide range of coffee, teas, beers, and wines. There are plenty of quiet spaces for meetings, studying, a separate kid-friendly room for families and a backyard patio that is dog-friendly!

Caffe Medici

Image of Caffe Medici

Multiple Locations

Caffé Medici is dedicated to quality and service. They have a passion for coffee and aspire to get their coffee to perfection. Our actions impact the world, so it is essential for them to produce good coffee and fruit. It is necessary for them to be good stewards of their resources. As customers, employees, and owners Caffe Medici has a responsibility to humans and the environment. They are a sustainable business model by taking care of its employees, recycling, using products with a similar philosophy, and pursuing quality!


Image of Cenote

Multiple Locations

Cenote not only serves amazing French-pressed coffee, but they also have a full menu of fresh dishes made with the best ingredients, including local veggies, pasture-raised eggs, and bacon! They even have a great selection of beer and wine! Because of their American fare theme and free wifi, Cenote is a popular choice for students and remote workers! They also have a giant patio fronted by a steel octopus outside and modern, long, wooden community tables.

Cherrywood Coffee House

Image of Cherrywood Coffee House

1400 E 38th 1/2 St, Austin, TX 78722

Cherrywood is a casual and comfy neighborhood coffee shop with a friendly, and welcoming vibe! The menu has a variety of different coffees, pastries, tacos, salads, sandwiches, burgers, smoothies, beer, and wine. Breakfast at Cherrywood is an anytime affair, and it also offers a wonderful weekend brunch! They also have free yoga classes you can participate in!

Cuvée Coffee Bar

Image of Cuvee Coffee Bar

2000 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Cuvée started as an experiment in craft (one that continues to this day). They have their own direct trade network to ensure higher quality and more consistent access to their favorite coffee. More recently, Cuvée’s curiosity led them to pioneer Nitro Cold Brew in a widget-activated Nitro can. And then, of course, they just had to go ahead and build the world’s coolest cold brewery. The tinkering never ceases. So, what will become of Cuvée’s next big experiment? Well, you’ll know when they know! Until then, enjoy their coffee!


Image of Epoch

Multiple Locations

Epoch Coffee built their business on a principal of family, a comfortable environment and great coffee. They are an old-school, up all night, counter-culture, gritty coffee shop all while maintaining a strong energy for high-quality and specialty coffee. Epoch bridges the gap between serving a tasty and beautiful drink made by someone who knows and loves their craft!

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

Image of Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

1111 Chicon St, Austin, TX 78702

Figure 8’s coffee is nothing to joke about. The coffee shop features roasters from Portland and San Francisco in addition to local roasters such as Tweed and Wild Gift. The employees are fun and will crack a joke with you and their not afraid to be personable! Their inviting personality made will make you want to come back! The friendly service attracts musicians, DJs, and anyone wanting a great cup of coffee. Not to mention that there are plenty of alcohol and pastry options too!

Fleet Coffee Company

Image of Fleet Coffee Company

2427 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 78702

A rotating selection of carefully selected beans paves the way for Fleet Coffee! Fleet has a wide variety of coffees and espressos, offers delicious pastries and breakfast tacos (with gluten-free options!) and free wifi! While ordering your coffee, you can have a conversation with the barista and feel welcomed! Fleet is clean, crisply designed with an upscale Brooklyn feel and has indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy their delicious beverages in!!


Image of Halcyon

218 W 4th St, Austin, TX 78701

Halcyon is a perfect stop for an afternoon coffee or late-night drinks with friends. Their ever-changing wall art is consistently inspiring, and they provide a cozy, hip place to chill whether it being day or night. The vibes, the staff, and the owners are friendly and inviting. Come out and relax with friends and co-workers with some coffee, espresso, wine, beer, cocktails, grilled paninis, salads, appetizers or tableside S’mores! And if you’re a fan of crepes, then you absolutely must try the Crepe Nutella a la Mode!

Hot L Coffee

Image of Hot L Coffee

400 Josephine St, Austin, TX 78704

Hot L Coffee is located at the entrance to The Carpenter Hotel. Hot L offers a menu of espresso drinks and hot tea, nitro coffee, and kombucha on tap, as well as beer and wine. The morning menu includes breakfast tacos and baked goods, all made in the Carpenters Hall kitchen, as well as afternoon snacks and daily salads and sandwiches for lunch. The Hot L menu can be enjoyed to-go or seated in the hotel lobby or at outdoor cafe tables!


Image of Houndstooth

Multiple Locations

Locally owned and trained by nationally recognized industry professionals, Houndstooth constantly stays alongside current coffee trends! Their baristas serve quality coffee and maintain meaningful interactions with the community. Each brings personal passion and added dimension to Houndstooth and your cup of coffee. What started as an affinity for coffee and coffee shop culture has grown into a love for sharing quality beverages with anyone and everyone!

Intelligentsia Coffee

Image of Intelligentsia Coffee

607 W 3rd St Suite 0110, Austin, TX 78701

Relocating from San Francisco, Intelligentsia Coffee opened their own coffee bar and retail store in Chicago’s eclectic Lakeview neighborhood. Roasting their coffee in-store, with equipment that was more antique than state-of-the-art, they honed their craft, seeking nothing less than perfection in every aspect of the experience. Little did they know that what started as a way to connect with people and the community in an intimate, personal way would blossom into something that would help shape an entire industry!

Jo’s Coffee

Image of Jo’s Coffee

Multiple Locations

As far as Austin staples go, Jo’s is near the top of the list! Another must-go place if you visit Austin, Jo’s has the infamous “I love you so much” mural! Jo’s is amazing because of its popular drink, The Belgium Bomber, breakfast tacos, pastries and convenient location! Jo’s has become an iconic symbol for what people love about Austin, and they’re not wrong to dig it!

Juan Pelota Cafe

Image of Juan Pelota Cafe

400 Nueces St, Austin, TX 78701

Juan Pelota Cafe offers a unique ambiance as they are located within Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop. They proudly serve Stumptown coffee and espresso. They also have smoothies, breakfast tacos, cold sandwiches, pastries, coffee brewing equipment, whole bean coffee bags and much more! Did you know that Lance Armstrong owns Juan Pelota Cafe?


Image of LeverCraft

3307 Oak Springs Dr, Austin, TX 78721

Eric, owner of LeverCraft, has also been roasting coffee for over 3 years and recently stepped into the commercial space, offering some incredible single origin coffees. His passion for bringing the best coffee to his customers shows in the product he produces. The pursuit of the creation of an excellent cup of coffee is something that Eric and LeverCraft plan on chasing for the rest of their lives!

Lola Savannah

Image of Lola Savannah

Multiple Locations

Lola Savannah’s vibe is relaxed but sophisticated, making Lola the ideal spot for a solitary latte and newspaper, or a business meeting over biscotti. Their coffees and espressos are expertly crafted, and their house-made tacos and local sweet treats are perfect! Lola is a place that has something for everyone to do. There are board games, a wine bar, great food from their partnering restaurant that’s connected and of course amazing coffee! Lola Savannah’s ambiance will charm you, and the quality of our coffee will keep you coming back!

Lucky Lab Coffee

Image of Lucky Lab Coffee

2421 San Antonio St, Austin, TX 78705

At Lucky Lab Coffee Co., they firmly believe that good people, happy dogs, and a great cup of coffee make the world a better place. Every day their team strives to play their part, providing Austin with quality coffee from local roaster Third Coast Coffee, handcrafted and creative custom menus, a charitable commitment to man’s best friend, and of course, the friendliest service in town. They know you want a good cup of coffee and some classic southern hospitality, and that’s what they’re all about! Whether you’re swinging by any one of their locations on your morning commute, sitting down for a group meeting, or planning your next big event, Lucky Lab Coffee Co. will take care of you!

Machine Head Coffee

Image of Machine Head Coffee

Machine Head Coffee
9003 Waterford Centre Blvd Suite #180, Austin, TX 78758

Machine Head Coffee is owned and operated by Nolan Green, a veteran of the Austin coffee scene, who has served time honing his barista skills, customer service expertise, and coffee knowledge at Radio Coffee and Beer, Caffe Medici, and Thunderbird Coffee. During the years in the local coffee scene, Green has established many relationships on both sides of the espresso machine. Machine Head Coffee prides itself on consistent preparation of quality drinks while establishing a culture of friendliness!


Image of Mañana

1603 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Located at South Congress Hotel, Mañana features a rotating coffee roster including locally roasted brews is available alongside cold-pressed juices. They also serve freshly baked sweet treats and snacks from pastry chef Amanda Rockman! Enjoy their fresh coffee during happy hours or any other time in their stylish space fitted with Talavera tiles!

Mazama Coffee Company

Image of Mazama Coffee Company

301 Mercer St, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Mazama Coffee Company roasts on-site in historic downtown Dripping Springs, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country! They currently offer coffees from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil (that’s a great variety)! Have some coffee and pastries while relaxing and talking with friends, work peacefully with free WiFi or enjoy a short respite from daily life. Mazama Coffee Company is the perfect community meeting spot!

Merit Coffee

Image of Merit Coffee

Multiple Locations

In 2008, Robby and Neesha Grubbs were hashing out the notion of opening an obsessively good coffee shop in San Antonio, which needed one. Specialty coffees were taking off, along with aficionados’ desire for excellent beans, good brewing technique, and real knowledge behind the counter. Customer loyalty and appreciation warranted opening their own roasting facility, Merit Roasting Co. They continue to source the finest coffee in the world, improve the art and science of brewing, and serve the San Antonio and Austin community with integrity and professionalism!

Mozart’s Coffee

Image of Mozart’s Coffee

3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

Located on Lake Austin, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters offers the finest gourmet coffees from around the world, uniquely flame roasted by our roastmaster on site! They have everything you need to stay caffeinated and satisfy your sweet tooth! The coffee shop has a unique European style with extraordinary lake views and is the perfect destination to entertain your out-of-town guests, enjoy live music, hold a business meeting or just people watch. They are also known for their famous Christmas Light Show during the holidays!

Opa Coffee and Wine Bar

Image of Opa Coffee and Wine Bar

2050 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Opa Coffee and Wine Bar is a great place to relax over amazing happy-hour wine deals and brews. Deep within the café are rich wooden tables, couches and red paneled walls where both heavy studiers and intimate chatters can find a Greek haven. You can sit at the coffee bar under strings of hanging pots and cups, watching the barkeep sling drinks and take orders with practiced skill! Opa offers Greek comfort food, live music, and discounted cocktails. But the main draw is the comfy atmosphere where fans lounge on couches sit beneath a big oak tree that shades their patio!

Pacha Organic Cafe

Image of Pacha Organic Cafe

4618 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

Pacha Organic Cafe makes everything in-house and with mostly organic ingredients. For the coffee drinker and the sweet-toothed, they feature every kind of pastry imaginable, organic breakfast tacos, pancakes, omelets, granola, veggie and meat empanadas, Bolivian salteñas and more! Pacha sources all their ingredients from local and organic produce, grains, soy, dairy and pastured eggs, as well as the world’s best Fair Trade organic coffees.

Patika Wine and Coffee

Image of Patika Wine and Coffee

2159 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Patika started as a small coffee shop and brought the first specialty coffee focused space to downtown Austin. Their coffee is so good that they were honored with Austin Monthly’s 2017 Best Coffee! Patika offers multiple manually brewed coffees and uses different techniques to highlight the best flavors of each coffee. Their menu rotates seasonally, offering you something new and flavorful every season! Their menu includes delicious coffees, wine, beer, breakfast and brunch with local and organic ingredients.


Image of Picnik

Multiple Locations

Picnik serves gluten-free grab-and-go breakfast and lunch items, butter coffee, and bone broth, all with a focus on sourcing locally, using premium ingredients all at affordable prices! They are mostly known for their famous butter coffee! Butter coffee is a blend of organic coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil; which gives you the energy you need without a coffee crash and it helps you burn fat, balance hormone levels and reduces hunger! They only ever use the highest quality ingredients, and we have the same quality standards for our butter coffee!

Radio Coffee and Beer

Image of Radio Coffee and Beer

4204 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78704

At Radio they strive for perfection, and they deliver it. Radio’s service is exceptional because of their delicious coffee, 24 beers on tap and beloved taco truck Veracruz All-Naturalour! You can enjoy all the coffee, beer, and tacos on their wood-decked, lodge-like interior that features handcrafted furniture and a stage, while the chill backyard offers ample patio space and picnic tables!

Red Horn Coffee House and Brewery

Image of Red Horn Coffee House and Brewery

13010 W Parmer Ln #800, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Red Horn Coffee House offers fresh house roasted coffees, house-brewed beer, locally sourced baked goods, charcuterie, cheeses, sodas, kombucha, wine, and a variety of sandwiches, and salads! Since the owners have different backgrounds and are from different parts of the country, they mixed their knowledge of coffee roasting to make something awesome! They love good coffee, good beer, and take great pride in what they make and serve! Red Horn is overall a welcoming place with great coffee and beer!

Revival Coffee

Image of Revival Coffee

1405 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

Nestled in the heart of East Austin, Revival aims to create an inviting atmosphere that joins good coffee and good people. They strive to exude true southern hospitality. The team plays the dual role of barista and local tour guide, happily sharing their favorite places around town to anyone who asks. Revival’s calling is to connect the uniquely diverse population of East Austin. That’s why 10% of their proceeds are donated to local charities, voted on by their customers (one coffee = one vote). Come see for yourself how much one cup of joe can accomplish!

Sa-Ten Coffee & Eats

Image of Sa-Ten Coffee & Eats

Multiple Locations

Sa-Tén Coffee & Eats is a cozy Japanese coffee house hidden away in the Canopy complex, tucked between art galleries and jewelry stores. Sa-tén uses Casa Brasil for their coffee and espresso drinks, and they offer a full menu of food, with breakfast, lunch, and even dinner options! Sa-Ten is known for its toasts topped with kewpie mayonnaise eggs, smoked salmon, fried seaweed, mozzarella cheese, and anchovy garlic oil. Then there are lunch bowls, sandwiches, salads, and entrees like chicken katsu, teriyaki, and sides such as chilantro tofu, kimchi, and chicken karaage! The place is booming, full of folks tapping away on their laptops, chatting at a business meeting, or gathering for a lunch stop.


Image of Stouthaus

4715 S Lamar Blvd #102, Sunset Valley, TX 78745

We all know there’s so much to be passionate about in the great city of Austin, but first, there’s coffee. Stouthaus Coffee Pub is focused on being a community gathering spot to satisfy your thirst and your need to just break away. With over 25 coffee roasters, there’s no reason not to find a quality cup of coffee! We’re passionate about coffee, beer, community, live music, local artists and excellent customer service.

Summer Moon

Image of Summer Moon

Multiple Locations

Summer Moon’s coffee is inspired by the early American coffee roasters and the simplicity of their tools. They use brick, fire, and wood to craft custom coffee roasts that are truly unique. The chain’s most popular drink is the Half Moon, a latte with just enough Moon Milk to make it slightly sweet. Their menu also offers hot and iced coffee, and pastries such as danishes, muffins, croissants, quiches, a sausage brioche, cinnamon rolls, and macarons! They have free Wi-Fi and an area for children full of toys, books, and games!

Thunderbird Coffee

Image of Thunderbird Coffee

Multiple Locations

Thunderbird goes much farther than fair trade. They care about four things: people, beer, great food and, of course, espresso! Their roasters use a more transparent “direct trade” model, which cuts out the middleman, and leaves no questions about how much the farmers and pickers are getting paid for their work. Thunderbird is a great place to enjoy coffee in a warm and friendly environment.

Trianon Coffee

Image of Trianon Coffee

3654 Bee Caves Rd suite a, Austin, TX 78746

Trianon Coffee supplies some of the best fresh roasted coffee in Austin, Texas. Charles Emile Lauriat has been roasting for Trianon for almost fifteen years, carrying on a tradition of hand-crafted coffees, roasted in small batches, and delivered fresh since 1985. Trianon Coffee is served in many of Austin’s best spots, including the original cafe, Trianon, and The Coffee Place in Westlake!

Wright Bros. Brew and Brew

Image of Wright Bros. Brew and Brew

500 San Marcos St #105, Austin, TX 78702

Wright Bros. Brew and Brew serves a variety of classic espresso drinks, filtered coffee, and cold brews (coffee they love, from roasters near and far). Since they like to keep it fresh, their seasonal selections of fresh crop coffees change almost daily. Some of their favorite brands include Flat Track (Austin, TX) and Heart Roasters (Portland, OR). The best way to get to know their coffee is to stop by and taste it yourself!

Map of Best Coffee Shops in Austin

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