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Car2Go – Navigate Austin via Smart Car

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One of many great reasons to live in Austin is the convenience of having a highly centralized downtown region.   Unlike Dallas & Houston, which have very spread out metropolitan areas, most of the action and nightlife in Austin is focused in the downtown region.  

This downtown orientation makes Austin an ideal location for biking, and also makes it perfect for car-sharing!  Enter Car2Go, a subsidiary of Daimler-Chrysler, which started in 2008 in Ulm, Germany, a city with a centralized downtown that’s similar to Austin.   

Comprising a specific service area around downtown Austin, Car2Go vehicles can be parked for free in most parking meter spaces and in specific designated parking areas throughout downtown.  For those living in and around downtown, they make it easy to get anywhere quick and provide a turnkey solution to glide around town to look at downtown homes & condos!  Plus, with South by Southwest 2011 right around the corner, Car2Gos provide a cheap way ($.35 a minute) to make it to the next panel, concert, or networking event.

This blog post is in reference to this week’s Free Lunch Friday contest, which is sponsored by Sushi Zushi, which has two locations in Austin, at 1611 West 5th Street & Domain II Shopping Center – 3221 Feathergrass Ct.  Free Lunch Friday is a weekly trivia contest featuring bars and restaurants in Realty Austin’s new neighborhood, Downtown Austin, where the winner gets a free lunch for two!

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