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Best Tips for Working from Home | Work from Home Tips

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There are many benefits to working from home, but it also comes with its challenges. Check out these tips to help you be more productive during your workday!

Best Tips for Working from Home

Start your morning with a walk around the block

Image of Start your morning with a walk around the block

Use this time as your “morning commute” to wake up and prepare for your day. Starting your day walking outside has proven physical and psychological health benefits as it gives you more energy throughout the day, reduces stress, and improves your mental clarity and ability to focus throughout the day.

Avoid working in your pajamas all day

Image of Avoid working in your pajamas all day

Pajamas are associated with sleeping and lounging around the house, so when you are wearing them all day while trying to work, you are compromising your productivity. Take a few minutes in the morning to get ready and pretend like you are going into the office. Getting dressed in the morning will help you get in the right headspace and professional mindset as well as prepare for any video calls that you may need to be on. This will also give you a sense of time and help set boundaries as your work clothes are for working, and pajamas are for relaxing.

Create a to-do list

Image of Create a to-do list

Creating a to-do list each morning will help keep you focused and on schedule during your workday. Prioritize your tasks by organizing them according to deadlines and importance to avoid the temptation to work on easier, less important tasks. Creating a list will also keep you accountable for getting those things done. Online project boards such as Asana or Trello are great tools for keeping up with multiple tasks and projects, so you don’t fall behind! It’s ok if items on your list carry over to the next day! This allows flexibility and making sure things are not forgotten or avoided!

Have a designated workspace

Image of Have a designated workspace

Establish an area where you can work and commit to every day. Depending on the amount of space you have, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in office furniture such as a desk and chair. Be sure to distance yourself from distractions such as the TV, and set a specific work and relaxing/sleeping space.

Set Office Hours

Image of Set Office Hours

Working from home can sometimes lead to not working enough due to a lack of supervision and increased distractions around the house. You may also experience the complete opposite by working all night long since there is no sense of time. Setting office hours will improve productivity during working hours, allow your mind to rest during nonworking hours, and help with a healthy work-life balance.

Be in regular contact with your team

Image of Be in regular contact with your team

It can be difficult not seeing coworkers in person and things can get lost in translation. Schedule regular video meetings through Google Hangouts or Zoom to touch base with your team. Communicate often on what projects you are working on, your work schedule, expectations, and any questions you may have to avoid issues or misunderstandings. Remember, it is better to over-communicate during situations like this.

Take regular breaks

Image of Take regular breaks

It is essential to take breaks throughout your day to clear your head, recharge your mind, and get moving out of your chair. Go on a run, stretch, do an at home workout, call a friend, or do something that allows yourself to take time away from the computer screen. Studies have shown that taking frequent breaks, boosts productivity and creativity, job performance, and physical and emotional health.

Turn off the TV

Image of Turn off the TV

Having the TV on can be extremely distracting, especially when trying to focus. Try working in a room that doesn’t have a TV, or if you need some background noise, create a playlist on Spotify! Whether you need a playlist to help you stay focused, pump you up, or if you need white noise, there are thousands to choose from on Spotify to fit your mood.

Burn candles or use aromatherapy diffusers

Image of Burn candles or use aromatherapy diffusers

Studies have shown that scents such as lavender and peppermint help create a creative space and boost productivity. Another great tip is to use a candle to symbolize working and nonworking time: keep a candle burning during work time as a visual and scented reminder that you are working, and blow it out when you are logging off for the day.

Stay off social media

Image of Stay off social media

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends, but a huge time sucker. It’s an easy distraction on both your phone and computer with easy access, and before you know it, you have wasted time when you could have been productive. Disconnect for a while and wait to check your social media until one of your breaks, or make it harder to check by turning off notifications, logging out of your accounts, deleting the apps on your phone, or using Chrome’s “Incognito” browser.

Meal prep and keep your fridge stocked with healthy snacks

Image of Meal prep and keep your fridge stocked with healthy snacks

It’s easy to stress eat or snack out of boredom when you have easy access to your kitchen. Taking the time to meal prep and buy healthy snacks will reduce this as well as fill your brain with the right nutrients to stay productive during your workday.



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