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Where to get the Best Tacos in Austin | Best Austin Tacos

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Austin is home to some of Texas’ best tacos, both breakfast, and non-breakfast varieties, and these past few years, we’ve seen a growth in taco stands and restaurants that keep putting new twists on the classic taco dish. With tacos literally on every street and corner, Austin is rich with tortilla-filled wonders that’ll make you crave tacos 24/7. Austin is so obsessed with tacos that Mayor Adler created an Austin Taco Day on September 24th! Everyone knows that Austin does tacos right, so check out our list of amazing taco stands and restaurants for your next taco-eating adventure!

The Best Tacos in Austin:

Amaya’s Taco Village

Image of Amaya's Taco Village

Image Credit: Amaya’s Taco Village

Multiple Locations

Amaya’s Taco Village has recipes that are authentic and traditional, their ingredients are always fresh and their menu bursts with flavor! Amaya’s tacos are the draw at their iconic, circa-1976 mini-chain, turning out straightforward variations such as rib, fish, chicken, beef and more. They also serve delicious fajitas, chalupas, enchiladas and other classic platters, plus beer and margaritas! Amaya’s roomy, cafeteria-style spaces, casual dining create a space that’s perfect for family and friends.

Cool Beans

Image of Cool Beans

Image Credit: Cool Beans

2908 Fruth St, Austin, TX 78705

Cool Beans Food Truck started in the border city of Brownsville, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. Inspired by the Latin street cuisine they grew up with, they decided to recreate their favorite hometown dishes using all natural, organic, animal-free products. Many of their recipes are made from scratch on-site, from our fresh, homemade corn tortillas, spicy jalapeño salsas, cremas, even the mayo atop our Street Corn. Cool Beans does their best to stay away from soy and gluten as much as possible, and love to use seasonal ingredients from local farms nearby!


Image of Discada

Image Credit: Discada

2024, 1319 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702

Discada was founded by Chef Xose Velasco, who is from the Tlalnepantla area of Mexico City. Velasco only uses a recipe passed down from his father for the food truck’s menu that includes beef, pork, and vegetables that are cooked in seven layers. Each layer is then cooked in the juices of the previous layer. The mixture is then placed in corn tortillas and topped with onions, cilantro, and pineapple. Discada food truck serves only this kind of taco, plus elote (Mexican-style corn) and drinks. Tacos don’t get better than this!

El Primo

Image of El Primo

Image Credit: El Primo

2011 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

El Primo food truck gives off an authentic Mexican feel, but not in a touristy way; it’s the perfect little gem you need to get that taco fix! Their breakfast tacos are something else! They are filled with simple ingredients but are achieved in such a harmonious and beautiful display of balance. The tacos have a good amount of cheese, the eggs were made fresh, and were executed flawlessly. The sausage had a great amount of character, but knew its place and didn’t overpower the entire composition! Let’s not forget to mention their hot sauce is amazing; it’s potent with subtle smokey and floral notes.

El Taquito

Image of El Taquito

Image Credit: El Taquito

1713 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741

From its humble beginnings in the early 1980’s as a street taco cart in a Northern Mexican town, El Taquito “broke the mold” as the first to introduce “queso fresco and a slice of avocado” in its tacos in 1995 on Riverside Dr. The street taco that originated in the Northern Mexico hometown of Matamoros in the early 80’s has been brought to El Taquito to share with all taco lovers in Austin. Their food and atmosphere are more authentic than other places, their mango margarita is refreshing, strong and fruity and is topped with chile lime and their al pastor, fajita, and pollo asado tacos are to die for! You will not be disappointed!

Granny’s Tacos

Image of Granny's Tacos

Image Credit: Granny’s Tacos

1401 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

Maria Rios Vega and Armando Vazquez, husband and wife team, adopted an ambulance back in May 2016 and decided to make their food truck dreams a reality. They cleaned and painted the vehicle, rebuilt the inside, and named it after Vega’s mother, Granny! The chilaquiles taco is Granny’s most popular taco. It has delicious shredded chicken, cheese, onions, and a pickled jalapeño mixed with a mole sauce passed down through generations of family recipes. It’s a great bite, and if you love tacos, then you need to try Granny’s!

Guero’s Taco Bar

Image of Guero's Taco Bar

Image Credit: Guero’s Taco Bar

1412 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Güero’s Taco Bar is a vibrant part of South Austin, where the locals flock for hand-shaken margaritas made in an original way with fresh-squeezed lime juice. Just about any Mexican beer, you can name is served up icy cold. Their bar will remind you of the great old cantinas you have visited in Mexico. And if you’re looking for interior Mexican food with a hint of Tex-Mex, then you’re in the right spot! Güero’s has everything from handmade corn tortillas and Mole to authentic Tacos al Pastor!

Las Trancas Taco Stand

Image of Las Trancas Taco Stand

Image Credit: Las Trancas Taco Stand

1210 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Las Trancas is easily churning out some of the best tacos in town from its spot on Cesar Chavez! It’s a gleaming, oversized beacon of spotless white with air-conditioning and a fancy drink cooler built into the back corner. The trailer works in the Mexico City street taco style and their most popular tacos are the al pastor and carne asada. The al pastor taco is served shredded and braised on a pair of compact homemade corn tortillas with a light sprinkle of cilantro, finely diced raw onion, a dash of tomatillo salsa and a squeeze of lime proved essential in balancing and brightening the weighty beef! This taco stand is worth the wait in line!

Macho Taco

Image of Macho Taco

Image Credit: Macho Taco

12110 Manchaca Rd # 102, Austin, TX 78748

Macho Taco is a hidden gem located in the neighborhood of Morningside along Manchaca Rd and specializes in offering Mexican tacos. Macho Taco is mostly known for their ambiance and quick service during breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They are a family owned taco shop with the friendliest service (they even remember all of their regular customers’ names). So order at the counter, head to the salsa bar and pick your poison and have a seat. Hot food comes out pretty quickly and it’s guaranteed you’ll have a huge smile when you taste their delicious tacos!

Maria’s Taco Xpress

Image of Maria’s Taco Xpress

Image Credit: Maria’s Taco Xpress

2529 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Maria’s Taco Xpress is a must-visit eclectic and eccentric eatery. Their tacos are so good that Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri both have tasted their tacos as well as many other celebrities like Johnny Depp! Deemed “South Austin’s Taco Queen” by the Austin Chronicle, owner Maria Corbalan has been satisfying taco lovers all over Austin for the past 21 years. Featuring free live music, Maria’s Taco Xpress is a constant supporter of Austin’s artistic community and is always looking for ways to incorporate art and music within its funky and creative atmosphere!

Mellizoz Tacos

Image of Mellizoz Tacos

Image Credit: Mellizoz Tacos

1311 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

Mellizoz Tacos is a colorful trailer parked under an oak tree on South First Street and turns out hefty tacos (like the tempura shrimp) and carnitas on homemade tortillas, using the same fillings to stuff tortas with made to order guacamole and hand-cut garlic fries. Picnic tables and constant crowds from neighboring trailers create a lively scene. Mellizoz prides itself on exceptional service and fresh food and that is exactly what you get when you order tacos from their trailer!

The food trailer is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but you can order food or have a dine in experience at their restaurant, Cruzteca Mexican Kitchen.

Ñoños Tacos

Image of Ñoños Tacos

Image Credit: Ñoños Tacos

Multiple Locations

Ñoño’s Tacos authentic Mexican Restaurant was founded in 2014 by Mexican-born restaurateur Mardonio Gallegos with the goal of introducing authentic Mexican cuisine to the North Austin, Texas Area. They buy their ingredients from only the freshest and closest Austin area sources. That’s why you’ll find the taste of their charcoal-grilled chicken and their famous Ñoño Burrito delectable. With all the delicious food that they offer, you’ll keep coming back for more!


Image of OneTaco

Image Credit: OneTaco

Multiple Locations

A friend duo hailing from Mexico, the owners of OneTaco had a vision to bring authentic tacos to Austin. And in 2009, their vision came to life when they opened their first taco trailer called One Taco. If there’s one arena in Austin that’s difficult to enter and come out on top, it’s the taco arena. But Tony Avila and Axel Beverido, the owners, found a way to win over the taco-loving appetites of Austin. They have so many different tacos to try and every single one of them is a flavorful winner.

Papalote Taco House

Image of Papalote Taco House

Image Credit: Papalote Taco House

Multiple Locations

Papalote will no doubt redefine Austin’s taco expectations since it’s the newest endeavor from Sergio Varela, who also owns Azul Tequila, a favorite South Austin destination for reliable Interior Mexican cuisine. Though this tiny storefront cafe at the newly revitalized corner of Manchaca Road and South Lamar Boulevard is less than six months old, crowds already spill out the door. Their guajolote en mole tacos are made with big chunks of shredded turkey smothered in a deep-red mole that’s a pitch-perfect blend of sweet, savory, and fire! Just when you think you’ve seen all that taquerias have to offer in Austin, along comes Papalote!

Pueblo Viejo

Image of Pueblo Viejo

Image Credit: Pueblo Viejo

Multiple Locations

Originally a colorful food truck, this family-owned taco spot is now part of the North Door, a performance venue, and bar in East Austin! While keeping the flavors of their hometown in Mexico, Pueblo Viejo is committed to keeping the freshness and quality that everyone deserves, complemented by a friendly service necessary for a complete Mexican food experience. Their small kitchen offers a variety of Mexican food ranging from breakfast tacos, street meat tacos, Gorditas, popular Mexican dishes, a variety of sauces, bottled drinks and much more. You can also check out their other location on East Cesar Chavez!

Rosita’s Al Pastor

Image of Rosita's Al Pastor

Image Credit: Rosita’s Al Pastor

1911 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741

Rosita’s Al Pastor is a small trailer parked along Riverside Drive in East Austin, and it’s home to the best al pastor tacos ever! Their tacos al pastor are made with house-made flour tortillas and stuffed with meats carved off a spit grill! There’s also a restaurant run by the same people a few hundred yards away, but the Rosita’s Al Pastor food truck is where Austinites like to go for tacos. The permanent food trailer keeps the menu alive into the wee hours and is known for drawing club-going crowds!


Image of Tacodeli

Image Credit: Tacodeli

Multiple Locations

Tacodeli is inspired by the magical flavors of the taqueria in Mexico mixed with Austin’s friendly vibe. The merging of flavors from both sides of founder Roberto’s heritage creates something all of its own. The result is a big, ambitious menu, prepared by hand every day. Tacodeli has a healthy obsession with the quality of their ingredients and the quality of their lives and wants you to have an amazing experience eating their homemade tacos.

Taco More

Image of Taco More

Image Credit: Taco More

Multiple Locations

Hands down, Taco More is the best and most authentic place for tacos. Their tacos don’t need too many ingredients on them because they are already packed with flavor! The tacos are stuffed with meat, onions, cilantro and a choice of incredible fresh salsas (there’s a salsa bar with many different options to choose from). You don’t need anything else except for a Mexican cola or Jarritos fruit punch to go with your tacos! Their carnitas, al pastor, barbacoa tacos, and soups are favorites of regulars. This taco restaurant is highly recommended, so check it out and bring your family and friends along too!

Taqueria Arandas

Image of Taqueria Arandas

Image Credit: Taqueria Arandas

Multiple Locations

Jose and Silvia Camarena immigrated from Arandas, Mexico with hopes of achieving big dreams and to have a better life; and that’s just what they did! They moved to Houston and opened up their own authentic Mexican restaurants that serve up the best tacos! Taqueria Arandas offers a variety of meats you can put on your tacos such as chicken breast, shredded chicken, marinated pork tongue, Mexican B.B.Q pork leg fajita (chopped), breaded ground steak, ground beef Shrimp and more! After making tacos and authentic Mexican food for years, Taqueria Arandas has brought an unwavering commitment to faith and hard work to keep their restaurant the best out there!

Torchy’s Tacos

Image of Torchy’s Tacos

Image Credit: Torchy’s Tacos

Multiple Locations

After living it up as a fancy executive chef, Mike Rypka decided to take his head full of ideas elsewhere and chase his dreams. He soon found them in Austin with a newly-acquired food trailer and a red Vespa scooter. Rypka started personally handing out his award-winning salsa and chips, inviting everyone to stop by the trailer to give his tacos a try and next thing you know, Torchy’s was born! Whenever Mike heard his customers holler “Damn, these tacos are good!” he’d add those tacos to the restaurant’s permanent menu. Soon, “Damn Good” became a rallying cry and the taco dream grew and took on a life of its own, resulting in long lines of newly-indoctrinated taco junkies ready for some Damn Good tacos!

Trill Taqueria

Image of Trill Taqueria

Image Credit: Trill Taqueria

3307 Oak Springs Dr, Austin, TX 78702

Formerly the executive chef of Eden East, Nick Belloni makes tortillas every day from organic, non-GMO corn that he nixtamalizes himself and hand grinds at his loved food truck, Trill Taqueria. He also smokes his own meats at a nearby commissary and ferments local chiles into hot sauces. Next to his food truck is Lever Craft Coffee, who roast their own coffee beans, which is a perfect pair with Trill Taqueria’s breakfast tacos. Make sure to bring your own alcohol if you’ll be having some of their tacos for lunch or for dinner! Trill Taqueria takes pride in supporting local farms as they serve artisanal tacos for a reasonable price point!

Trill Taqueria is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

Image of Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ

Image Credit: Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

11500 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78748

Barbecue meets tacos at this fusion trailer, where smoked brisket comes topped with guacamole and tomato-serrano salsa on a fresh hand rolled flour tortilla, while sides include smoked corn, red potato salad, and queso! Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ is family owned and operated, and every family member plays a role in creating the menu and preparing the made from scratch foods! Valentina’s strongly encourages passion and love for family and friends; which makes it the perfect bbq joint to go to with them!

Veracruz All Natural Food Truck

Image of Veracruz All Natural Food Truck

Image Credit: Veracruz All Natural Food Truck

1704 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Veracruz All Natural Food Truck is an unassuming trailer tucked away off of E. Cesar Chavez that consistently turns out handmade tortillas with savory fillings like al pastor (spit-grilled meats), migas and veggie options, meant to be washed down with all-natural aguas frescas. Picnic tables add a bit of atmosphere to a mostly to-go locale. These authentic fresh tacos and tortas are the best eats around and can’t be beaten, so come by Veracruz All Natural Food Truck and grab a bite!

Map of The Best Tacos in Austin

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