It is no surprise that Austin, ranked the 4th most pet-friendly city in the nation, would have plenty of parks for man’s best friend! Austinites love to take care of their beloved pets and we gathered the best parks around town to let them play, explore, and relish in long walks.

Best Dog Parks Around Austin:

  • Red Bud Isle

    Image of Red Bud Isle

    Red Bud Isle is a popular leash-free dog park that offers a little bit of everything. With over 13 acres located off Redbud Trail near the Tom Miller Dam; one can fish, hike, bike, swim and much more. This park is just as fun for a human as it is for their four-legged companions! It offers more than a half mile of well-maintained trails, shady trees, large fields and a tree-lined shore for you to relax while your doggie takes a dip.

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  • Barkin’ Springs

    Image of Barkin' Springs

    Barkin’ Springs is the wading area right outside of Barton Springs that does not require an entrance fee and is a local favorite to take pets to cool off during a hot day. Also, be careful not to confuse Barkin’ Springs with Barking Springs Dog Ranch, a wonderful Dog Ranch located in Del Valle.

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  • Barton Creek Greenbelt

    Image of Barton Creek Greenbelt

    Barton Creek Greenbelt is 7.9 miles long, covering 809 acres. The trail has entrances at different locations around Austin and is a perfect spot to take your dog on a long walk through natural scenery. A leash is required for all pets and tennis shoes and/or a bathing suit for humans is recommended to cool off in the creek areas!

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  • Bob Wentz Park

    Image of Bob Wentz Park

    Only a 30 minute drive from downtown Austin, Bob Wentz Park on Lake Travis is a waterfront, natural grass lawn to take your beloved pet to on a sunny day. The park does require all pets to be on a leash and they are not permitted on The Point, a shoreline area of the park.

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  • Norwood Estate Dog Park

    Image of Norwood Estate Dog Park

    Located on East Riverside Dr. and near I-35, Norwood Estate Dog Park is a 5+ acre park surrounded by gates and has a section for large dogs and small dogs. The park offers shady areas, water bowls and recommended that you BYOC, bring your own chair.

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  • Bull Creek District Park

    Image of Bull Creek District Park

    Bull Creek District Park is over 32 square miles of protected, tended to terrain with a natural swimming area for all, scenic cliffs and waterfalls. Bring your best river shoes, a leash for your dog, and have a blast in the well-preserved park.

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  • Emma Long Metropolitan Park

    Image of Emma Long Metropolitan Park

    Emma Long Metropolitan Park is one of the largest parks in Austin, offering camping sites, trails, lake front swimming and much more. Dogs are required on leash but there are plenty of things to do with them while you explore the expansive park.

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  • Onion Creek District Park

    Image of Onion Creek District Park

    Located in Southeast Austin and covering 179 acres, Onion Creek District Park is a little-known park that is perfect place for your pet. Most of the park is off-leash and offers areas for animals to swim and venture through the shady hiking trails.

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  • Shoal Creek Greenbelt

    Image of Shoal Creek Greenbelt

    Only about 10 minutes from downtown Austin and near the University of Texas campus, Shoal Creek Greenbelt is 76 acres of scenic trails. The trail requires a leash on dogs, except from 24th Street to 29th Street.

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  • Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

    Image of Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

    Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park is 293 acres of hike-and-bike trails that offers an off-leash area. The trails are hilly, meandering trails that are very popular for mountain bikers, so be careful if your dog is skittish of bicyclist.

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  • Bee Cave Dog Park

    Image of Bee Cave Dog Park

    Created by one of Realty Austin’s own agents, Sari Pearce, this park is located near Bee Caves Elementary School. The park has a small pond, doesn’t require dogs to wear leashes, and is a short walk away from the Bee Cave Central Park.

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  • West Austin Park & Wading Pool

    Image of West Austin Park & Wading Pool

    Situated in the middle of historic Clarksville, West Austin Park is 3 acre park. Within the park is basketball courts, picnic tables, tennis courts and of course a fenced off-leash dog area.

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  • Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park

    Image of Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park

    Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park is located a little over 10 miles away from Dowtown Austin but well worth the drive! From disc golf, horseback trails, a playground to volleyball and tennis courts, plus an off-leash dog area. This is a place you must visit at least once!

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  • Yard Bar

    Image of Yard Bar

    Yard Bar is not your typical dog park. This dog-friendly hangout offers space for dogs to play but has an adjoining bar with dining area for the humans. Toys and water bowls help keep a four-legged companion happy, while craft beers, cocktails or yummy food can be purchased for the two-legged owner.

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  • Cedar Bark Park

    Image of Cedar Bark Park

    Located in Veterans Memorial Park, Cedar Bark Park is a 5-acre fenced in dog park. Amenities include a natural dog pond, pet waste stations, benches, drinking fountains, dog showers and natural features.

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  • Auditorium Shores

    Image of Auditorium Shores

    How can you not love a beautiful, lush dog park right next to Lady Bird Lake and on the Zilker Park trail? Auditorium Shores offers an off-leash dog park with amazing views of the Austin skyline and famous Stevie Ray Vaughan statue. However, the park is not fenced and close to the street so pet owners should be cautious of their animals whereabouts.

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  • Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail and Boardwalk

    Image of Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail and Boardwalk

    Formally known as the Town Lake/Lady Bird Lake Hike-and-Bike trail, over 1.5 million people visit this 10+ mile trail every year. Dogs are welcome to accompany their owners on this trail but all must be on a short leash.

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  • Zilker Metropolitan Park

    Image of Zilker Metropolitan Park

    Zilker Park is a popular recreational area, hosting events like Austin City Limits and the Trail of Lights. When an event isn’t going on at Zilker Park, there are over 350 acres of grassy terrain for a dog to play and run its little furry tail off.

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  • Map of Dog Parks in Austin

    Do you and your furry friend have an Austin favorite that we are missing? Comment and let us know!

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