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Barton Springs Pool Reopens After Hurricane Hermine

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Hurricane Hermine’s aftermath causes Barton Springs Pool to close for 2 weeks.

One of Austin’s most famous attractions reopened to the public on Saturday, September 18, 2010. The Barton Springs Pool was closed due to damage and debris caused by Hurricane Hermine’s flooding. Volunteers from The Friends of Barton Springs Pool helped clean the poll by clearing hillsides of debris and scrubbing the bottom of the pool for mud and bacteria.

The pool closed on September 7 after it turned into a river as a result of Tropical Storm Hermine’s flooding. Most swimming holes along the Greenbelt, which flows into Barton Springs Pool, were flooded and deemed dangerous to the public.

Natural flooding can cause bacteria to spread in the water and infect those in it. The reopening of Barton Springs Pool indicates it is clean showing no signs of bacteria levels when tested for bacteria.

This isn’t the first time the pool has been closed due to flooding. In June 2006, Barton Springs Pool closed after another flooding casued its water to rise above the baricades.

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