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Austin Wins Summer X Games 2014-2017 Replacing L.A.

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Summer X Games 2014-2017

After much anticipation, rallying, riding and voting, the Summer X Games are coming to Austin for the next four years!

Austin was in the running for a bid to host the events against a great list of competitors, including Chicago, Detroit, and Charlotte, N.C. The winner was to replace L.A. who has been hosting for the past 11 years. Sources say that Austin’s unique and vibrant spirit and its “festival feel” was a major factor in picking Austin as the winner, as could be seen at the rally in June that thousands of residents attended.

Starting May 15-18, 2014, most of the Summer X Games events will be held at the Circuit of the Americas, a 1,600 acre venue that has hosted almost 260,000 people for the Formula One races. Located 20 minutes southeast of Downtown Austin, the venue is perfect to hold a large amount of people without it interfering too much with the city’s normal hustle and bustle. However, some events will be held downtown.

As per usual, the events will include many different events like BMX biking, skateboarding, and moreā€¦ but could we see events such as wakeboarding added to the schedule? Many extra events, made possible by Austin’s availability to lakes, have been discussed.

Get X-cited, y’all! Let’s show the Summer X Games what our city is made of!

What some Austinities have to say about winning the Summer X Games:

The X Games celebrate fitness, courage and individuality — traits greatly valued by our community — and we look forward to showing the world all of the wonderful things Austin has to offer.” — Lee Leffingwell, mayor of Austin

[It’s] a great day for the state of Texas.” — Red McCombs, founding partner at COTA

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