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Austin Is the Best of the Best

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Throughout the year Realty Austin has been searching articles from all over the web to compile a list of all of Austin’s best-city moments. It’s no secret of ours that Austin has been growing to become one of the greatest cities in America. Anyone from Forbes or Travel + Leisure can tell you that Austin has plenty of great qualities that are making Austin more and more appealing all the time. So much so that almost 200 new people move to the Austin area every day. Whether Austin is noted as the #1 Best Big City for Jobs or the 5th Best Barbeque City in America, it seems like Austin has it all pretty much figured out. As Austin continues to grow, there’s no telling what else the city will succeed in. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s Austin rankings:

Real Estate Is Hot In Austin

Forbes ranked Austin as the second best city to buy a home in right now, which is convenient because The Fiscal Times has said that Austin is the No. 2 city that people are moving to the most this year. With so many new people in the city and not enough homes, Austin has also become one of the top US cities for new home construction, according to The Atlantic Cities. With almost 15% of the homes in Austin built since 2005, Austin has taken claim to being the newest housing stock in the US, according to data analyzed by the US Census Bureau and OnNumbers. The housing market can even be beneficial to those not looking to relocate since said that Austin has the second best investment market in the country.

Austin’s Economy Is Booming

While the population in Austin continues to boom, it is not only giving us a great boost in real estate but in our economy as well. As America’s Fastest Growing City, recognized by Forbes, and the 2nd Fastest Growing Metro, as reported by the US Census Bureau, Austin has become the No.1 big city for jobs, also stated by Forbes. With the urban population growth being the 2nd fastest in the nation, titled by the US Census Bureau and the overall population being the 14th largest in the country, a claim made by OnNumbers, it’s no surprise that Austin is one of the best US cities to find work in right now, a name given by Silicon Hills News, with the best job creation since 2004, says Austin-American Statesman. Austin is top notch for all areas of expertise. As the top city for federal jobs, says OnNumbers,and as one of the top 50 cities for manufacturing jobs declared by PR Newswire, and the 6th best financial sector job gain, as declared by OnNumbers, Austin is skyrocketing with perfect timing. OnNumbers also claims that Austin is the 3rd city with the most job gain since the recession.

Businesses Love Austin

With job gain, a steady economic lift, and population increase comes innovators and a hub for entrepreneurs. Forbes has called Austin the 9th best city for business in 2012. Whether you have a big business or a smaller business, Austin could be the place for you. OnNumbers stated as the No.1 healthiest small business climate in the South and the No.1 city for small business in the entire nation as well, Austin welcomes any and all ambitious business people to call it their home. As for the technological side of the business spectrum, has ranked Austin as the #2 hotspot in the US for technology startups. Not looking to start or create a business of your own? Austin is also the third best city for business investment, according to Grubb & Ellis.

Austin’s Educated Talent Pool

And where does the entrepreneurship start for these businesses of Austin? Most of the time from the young minds of a University of Texas graduate. UT Austin was ranked among the top 30 universities in the world this year, according to the Center for World University Rankings. Not to mention where some of those kiddos start out – Austin ISD was rated one of the top performing districts in the nation as well, mentioned in the Community Impact Newspaper. Austin’s education environment, as well as the business culture, has made it possible for the city to be called the #1 intelligent community of the year by the Intelligent Community Forum. As for the grads out there looking for their niche in the business world, don’t give up because Austin was rated the 10th best city for college grads to live in, says

Lifestyle Is Better In Austin

Outside of school and work those college grads, and everyone else, are lucky to live in Austin for other reasons as well. As the #2 best city for young adults, mentioned by Kiplinger, and the No.8 best city where a paycheck strecthes the furthest, as reported by Forbes, these freshly molded adults can live in a great city on a tight budget. Where they want to use that paycheck is their choice, but they have a lot of those choices. Whether they want to have some retail therapy in the 12th best shopping city, according to Lucky Magazine, or use it to woo that special someone in the 4th best city to find a date in this year, recognized by The Daily Beast, there is always something new for Austinites of all types. In one of the best cities for men in 2012, titled by Men’s Health, there is plenty to do to have fun. You can enjoy the 10th best nightlife scene, as stated in US Travel News at a bar on 6th Street, or catch a concert nearby in The Atlantic‘s 3rd pick as the hottest city in the world for music – but we all know it’s the first. Even out of towners can enjoy all that Austin, the 6th most affordable and the 2nd best US vacation destination, has to offer, declares Trip Advisor. As a plus to newbies, they can feel comfortable exploring the city as Austin has the 6th lowest crime rate in the nation, according to CQ Press.

Health and Environment Matter to Austinites

Seems like Austin has it all covered by now but why stop at real estate, economy, education and lifestyle? Us Austinites like to work hard in our work place and in our personal time. We don’t like to just conquer to business world, we have to look good doing it too. As the top city for health and fitness according to the American Fitness Index, and the No.4 healthiest city for women in particular , recognized by Women’s Health, Austin has no room for slackers. As such a beautiful city, we also love to take care of our environment which is why Austin was ranked as the 17th greenest city by Corporate Knights and why the city is known as a clean-tech hub by Time Magazine. In fact, announced by, Austin was the 1st city to install a charging station network that is powered completely by renewable energy.

Find the Best Food and Drink In Austin

Where there is room for exercise in the busy schedules of the people of Austin, there is also room for really, really good food. Named the top city for food by, this Texas city is renowned for being the 5th best barbeque city in America by US Travel News, and the 13th best city for burgers in the entire nation per Travel + Leisure. However, for those of you who don’t indulge in the meat section of the menu, Austin is also known as the 6th most veggie-friendly city, according to PR Newswire. And for all those who don’t have a strong opinion toward either you can head to areas like South Congress and enjoy some of the delictibles that Food & Wine claims that one of the world’s best cities for street food offers. After that you can have some fun at two local outdoor bars that were named among the best in America by Travel + Leisure.

Austin Attracts Retirement

Last but not least there is a place for those that are tired of the business life and looking to settle down in the 38th least stressful city of Austin, Texas, mentioned Sperling’s Best Places. With so much to do in the free time you’ve been given a lot more of, Austin is named one of the Top 10 best places to retire, claims CBS News. Live out your golden years at a concert downtown, experience some of the best food around and make way for new and exciting things to Austin will produce in the future. It’s a never-ending cycle that’s just getting started.

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