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Austin Is 8th Best City in America

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Bloomberg Business Week ranked 50 of America’s best cities and Austin came in eighth place! Austin continues to hold its place on many “best of” lists for numerous reasons. Austin is home to many major businesses, tech startups, and internationlly reknown festivals that help decrease unemployment rate and increase medium household incomes. Whether you are a sports fan, a tech lover or a music fanatic, everyone can find their niche here and call Austin home.

Austin is the largest city on the list without a major pro sports team, but that doesn’t deter sports fans to move here because we have the best college football team in the South. Longhorns Football and UT sports have gotten so popular that we now have a network completely dedicated to broadcasting our games called The Longhorn Network. Every Saturday afternoon in the Fall, Austin shows its spirit with with burnt orange, cheering and tailgating. There’s no doubt that the college life in Austin attracts tens of thousands of students from around the world to study at one of the best universities in the world.

South by Southwest Interactive, Music and Film Festivals, and Austin City Limits Music Festival are just a few more of the attractions that flock hundreds of thousands of its attendees to Austin every year. With plenty to see and do for those interested in music, film, or technology, Austin is a hub for everything that’s cool.

However, festivals and sports aren’t the only reasons to enjoy Austin. With a total of nine colleges within Austin and surrounding areas, students have a more diverse choice for their higher education with public access to almost 25 museums and 35 libraries in the city. If you enjoy living life in the open air, you can visit all of Austin’s 220 parks full of natural pools and hike and bike trails. And when you work up a hunger or thirst, you can visit one of the 2,135 restaurants or the 212 bars.

If you need more inspiration to make the move, find out more about what makes Austin the best city in America on our Austin Attractions page.

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