Top Austin Breweries | Best Breweries and Brewery Tours in Austin
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Top Austin Breweries | Best Breweries and Brewery Tours in Austin

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Austinites know what great beer tastes like, and that’s why the city runs on craft beer. Austin’s ever-changing and expanding craft beer scene makes it easy to find new local beers and enjoy a great afternoon or evening with friends and family. So get up close and personal with your favorite beers or try out new beers and check out our list of Austin breweries! After you check off every spot on our list, you can call yourself a certified beer drinking expert!

Best Austin Breweries and Brewery Tours

Adelbert’s Brewery

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

2314 Rutland Dr #100, Austin, TX 78758

Adelbert’s Brewery has grown to become an award-winning microbrewery in Austin. They believe excellent beer requires quality ingredients and hands-on brewing. They use non-GMO Bohemian floor malted barley, Noble hops, and fresh yeast propagated at the brewery. While brewing, they utilize a multi-temperature decoction mash to extract a more complex flavor from their grains. Adelbert’s Brewery is a tribute to founder Scott Hovey’s brother, George Adelbert “Del” Hovey; who always took time to enjoy a beer with family and friends, recounting his travels from around the world. They took his spirit of adventure and put it into each beer!

Austin Beerworks

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

3001 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758

Austin Beerworks brews delicious Austin beers, including IPAs and ales that provide a bold, clean craft beer only in cans. Why Only Cans? Cans get cold faster, and the beer stays better longer, it’s better for the environment and of course, tubing. Inside these protective metal grenades, their beer is less susceptible to degradation. The impact of recyclable cans on the environment is remarkably less than bottles. Plus, you can’t take bottles tubing! Austin Beerworks also provides tours and tastings to the public of their brewing warehouse offers tours and tastings to the public!

Blackstar Co-op

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

7020 Easy Wind Dr, Austin, TX 78752

Blackstar Co-op started with the idea of better serving the community. With a constantly rotating beer selection, Blackstar Co-op has developed over 55 unique recipes over the years that are brewed seasonally. They like to brew interesting, creative and flavorful beers that are still clean and drinkable for the Texas heat. Outside of the traditional four main ingredients in beer (malt, water, yeast, and hops), they love to experiment with new and interesting ingredients and processes. So come with friends and check out Blackstar Co-op’s new seasonal beer!

Bluebonnet Beer Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

1700 Bryant Dr #107, Round Rock, TX 78664

Established in 2013, Bluebonnet Beer Company is the materialization of a dream nearly ten years in the making! The husband and wife team of David and Clare Hulama work out of a tiny brewery in Round Rock, Texas with one goal in mind; to share flavorful, award-winning craft beers with you, your family, friends, and community. There’s a reason why their beer is so good because David Hulama earned his Diploma in Brewing accreditation from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London and completed the Master Brewers Program at the University of California at Davis! Look for Bluebonnet Beers in restaurants in and around the Round Rock area. If your favorite restaurant, bar or store doesn’t carry Bluebonnet, ask for it!

Blue Owl Brewing

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

2400 E Cesar Chavez St #300, Austin, TX 78702

Blue Owl Brewing is dedicated to the craft of sour-mashing your favorite beer styles into new experiences. Like the salsa on your taco, sourness in a beer should accentuate what’s already there instead of dominating your taste buds. Their aim is to produce clean, well-balanced beers that retain the characteristics of their style! They also want to make you feel welcome, whether you’re looking to hang out with some friends or nerd out about beer science. Blue Owl focuses on approachability with beers packaged in cans. They strive to make consistent, affordable sours in a can you’re proud to hold at a party, on the lake, in a tube or at a dinner party!

Celis Brewery

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

10001 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

In 1992, Pierre Celis, flew from Belgium to the United States to start a new brewery in the great state of Texas. Pierre brought with him the original yeast strain he had been using to brew his world-famous Belgian-style Wit beer for the past 30 years! And there was no way he was going to brew without it. Celis Brewery opened in 1992, and it was a huge success! Before the Belgians arrived, most Texans were drinking one of “the big three” brands on the market. But when Pierre Celis started brewing his beloved beer, he created a craft beer that changed everything! Discover this delicious brew yourself by visiting their brewery in Austin!

Circle Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

2340 W Braker Ln b, Austin, TX 78758

In 2010, Circle Brewing Co. was founded by childhood friends, Ben Sabel, and Judson Mulherin. They began with little money and an over-abundance of passion, but with the help of friends and family, they pooled the money to retain a lease and start construction to start a new brewery! After a long and grueling buildout, a few equipment delays, and a peppering of a little good and a little bad luck, they brewed our first batch of beer, ENVY Amber. Only using four main ingredients, Water, Malt, Hops, and Yeast, Circle Brewing Company combines the principles of German flair and Texas ingenuity. Their brews embody the concept of purity through simplicity of design!

Family Business Beer Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

19510 Hamilton Pool Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

What else can bring people together better than good beer, good music, and good food? Nothing! That’s why Family Business Brewing Company got into this business! They are a family-owned brewery on 15 acres just outside Austin in Dripping Springs that is kid and pet-friendly! Browse through their year-round, seasonal, and rotating beers and get to know them a little better by relaxing in the hill country and enjoying hand-crafted beers and one of Austin’s finest food trucks. You can also check out their events page for updates on special gatherings and live music schedules!

Friends & Allies Brewing

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

979 Springdale Rd #124, Austin, TX 78702

Devon Ponds and Ben Sabin, two industry veterans, founded Friends and Allies Brewing in mid-2015. With Head Brewer Nathan Crane, formerly of Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey, on the stand, they expertly combine West Coast brewing techniques, standards, and practices with the vibrant and eclectic east Austin culture, delivering a fresh, high-quality, unique local beer to a growing, influential, passionate community. Friends and Allies proudly distribute all of its product in the Austin area, believing that personal relationships with customers and the community are the best way to provide consistent, fresh, and enjoyable beer!

Hops & Grain

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

507 Calles St #101, Austin, TX 78702

Hops and Grain is a local Austin brewery that produces hand-crafted ales and handmade dog treats. They are very passionate about their craft and strive to create sustainability in everything that they do. Passion for crafting the best beer in an environmentally responsible manner is what drives Hops and Grain. They’ve built sustainable practices into all aspects of their business, including recycling the spent brewing grains to make dog treats, canning their beer, donating 1% of their profits to environmental causes, and sourcing all of their ingredients from local and green providers! Take a trip to their brewery and taste their beer for yourselves!

Independence Brewing Co.

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

3913 Todd Ln #607, Austin, TX 78744

Starting a brewery; the idea sounded crazy to their family and friends back in 2004, but Amy and Rob Cartwright knew what they were up against. Armed with their love of beer, an intrepid spirit, the support of their friends and their trusty dog Jasper, Rob and Amy Cartwright founded Independence Brewing Company. What started with a married couple and their dog, has blossomed into a crew of nine and a community of beer drinkers who enjoy drinking fresh, handcrafted beer. Enjoy their classic favorites, seasonal and limited releases, and brewery-exclusive beers while relaxing in their laid-back taproom! With brewery tours, live original music, and special food events, the Independence tap room is likely to become your favorite place in south Austin!

Infamous Brewing

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

4602 Weletka Dr, Austin, TX 78734

Why buy when you can build? It’s this idea that’s fueled Josh through all of his business endeavors. Once he connected with a group of fellow craft beer lovers, Infamous Brewing Company soon came to life. Despite coming from very diverse backgrounds, they were all drawn to the craft and the excitement of the ever-growing craft beer scene in Austin. By developing their business from the ground up, their team’s had an amazing opportunity to refine their beer-making process. This way, every one of Infamous Brewing Company’s eight brews is bound to blow you away. With seasonal porters and roasted amber ales, you’re sure to find your next favorite pour at this brewery!

Jester King Brewery

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin, TX 78736

Jester King is a world-renowned brewer of farmhouse ales and barrel-aged wild ales. The brewery’s philosophy is to make beautiful creations tied to a time, place, and people that simply would not exist in this world if it wasn’t for the cross section of their land, the season in which they create, and the uniqueness of human beings imbued with creativity and thoughtfulness. Jester King Brewery is located on 165 acres of beautiful land on the outskirts of Austin, which they farm and preserve. They are a thoughtful, warm, inviting place for people to enjoy food and drink with friends and family!

Last Stand Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

12345 Pauls Valley Rd, Building i, Austin, TX 78737

The journey began in 2010 when Texas Native Kerry Richardson convinced his wife Mandi to pursue their passion for craft beer with a brewery of their own. After a trip to Chicago to attend The Siebel Institute’s Brewing Technology course, Kerry began to focus on developing the major components of the business. The brewery opened in 2015 and had been working diligently on brewing exceptional craft beer ever since! They truly believe that putting people first and fostering a culture that focuses on building a better community will lead to outstanding products with the highest level of quality. They live by their motto every day, “People first, products and profits will follow”!

Lazarus Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

1902 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Lazarus Brewing Company’s ancestors saw beer as a gift from God, to be received with gratitude, not just because it cheers our hearts and brings people together. It can also be a force for great good1 They saw this firsthand. In 2010, they teamed up with Montana’s largest brewery to brew a unique beer that would help people in need: All Souls Ale was born, an 11% wonder, fit for a king! But then that got them thinking, why not have their own brewery? That’s what their friends kept asking and once the idea sprouted there was no turning back! Now they’ve built their own 10 barrel system with a cozy little taproom for you and your friends to enjoy amazing beer, right here in the heart of East Austin!

Live Oak Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

1615 Crozier Ln, Del Valle, TX 78617

Since 1997, Live Oak Brewing Company has been committed to producing delicious lagers and ales for the enjoyment of passionate beer drinkers of Austin, Texas, and beyond! They employ an old-world style of brewing rarely found in America but practiced extensively throughout central Europe. They source only the best authentic ingredients and use a time-consuming mash, open fermentation, and secondary lagering process. The result has achieved both regional and national acclaim, but more importantly, the satisfaction of loyal beer drinkers who appreciate their beer-making efforts! In 2015 we moved out of their home of 19 years in East Austin and nestled among majestic groves of live oaks along the Colorado River, is just minutes from downtown Austin. Their new location features a spacious taproom and the shadiest Biergarten in town!

NXNW Restaurant and Brewery

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

10010 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78759 and 5701 W Slaughter Ln D, Austin, TX 78749

North by Northwest came into existence from an idea that owner, Davis Tucker, had many years ago; that great craft brewed beer, and fabulous food could come together in a fun and exciting atmosphere! North by Northwest conveys the image of the Northwest where many brewpubs and micro-breweries got their start. Stone and wood are combined throughout the restaurant and brewery with the high vaulted ceiling to create the feel of those grand lodges. They have urbanized it with steel structures and industrial designed light fixtures. Their Brewery Tower, which is full of 25,000 lbs. of barley, is a prominent feature along with the NXNW grain silos. Now that’s a lot of beer, which is a great idea to share with friends and family!

Oasis Texas Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

6550 Comanche Trail #301, Austin, TX 78732

Lakeside views are the draw of The Oasis Texas Brewing Company’s massive brewery on Lake Travis with an expansive double-stacked deck, bar games, live music, and a stone fire pit! They craft session beer in-house (beer with lower ABV) and it comes in flights, pints, and pitchers along with canned wine and casual American fares like sandwiches, wings, and your classic burgers. So join them for award-winning, hand-crafted beer, some of the best food on the lake and an amazing view of the sunset!

Pinthouse Pizza

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

4729 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756 and 7905, 4236 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Pinthouse Pizza was founded by six guys who share a passion for craft beer and good food. They all love Austin, and they are excited to help contribute to the energy and originality that make Austin a vibrant community! Their goal is to serve award-winning beer and hand-crafted pizza in a warm and casual setting. From their hops vendors to their produce supplier to their sausage house and to their soda distributor, Pinthouse Pizza focuses on quality and sustainability. Where possible, they’ve worked to source locally and organic to support both the ecology and their friends and neighbors!

Real Ale Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

231 San Saba Ct, Blanco, TX 78606

Since 1996, Real Ale Brewing Company has been brewing in Blanco, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country. When you get to make beer in a place like this, you develop a greater appreciation for the simpler things in life; fresh air, wide-open spaces, and working with your hands! They’re proud to make beer with as little processing as possible. In addition to being unfiltered and unpasteurized, they never use preservatives or artificial colors. They start with water from the nearby Blanco River and the highest quality ingredients. Then they take the time to allow all the unique characteristics of the ingredients to shine! Real Ale Brewing Company believes doing less to the beer creates more complexity, aroma and flavor!

St. Elmo Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

440 E St Elmo Rd G-2, Austin, TX 78745

St Elmo Brewing Company was started in 2016 by two guys named Tim Bullock and Bryan Winslow who love beer. They love sharing it, drinking it, and most of all, making it! Every style of beer has its unique place in life, and St Elmo’s is their effort to take you to all of those in places, in your mouth with their beer. They chose the name St. Elmo for a significant reason; location. Tim and Bryan are very excited to grow and be a part of The Yard and the St. Elmo neighborhood. With tons of great neighbors like Music Lab, South Austin Brewery, Still Austin, Spokesman, and Juiceland, they hope to bring the heat to an already creative block!

Strange Land Brewery

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

5904 Bee Cave Rd, Austin, TX 78746

Roots. History. Tradition. These are the first words that you will hear at Strange Land’s brewery. Founders Adam Blumenshein and Tim Klatt are passionate about following a traditional approach to brewing that includes keg conditioning all of their beer and utilizing up to eight different strains of yeast. They prefer to naturally carbonate their beer because it gives a better taste profile that you would not usually get from forced carbonated beer. The brewery itself is a 15bbl brewhouse. You immediately get a feel for how hands-on, meticulous and experimental the brewery is, and you can also get a feeling of how hands on their beers are. Strange Land has four European style flagship beers along with many as eight other specialty beers on tap. The flagship includes their Alemmania, Ploughshare, Entire, and Sanctum. Along with their flagships, their other beers range from a sour wit, a bourbon porter, to a braggart!

The ABGB Brewery

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

1305 W Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704

ABGB’s philosophy: Beer Makes It Better. They believe their beer has the power to make everything better. A fresh, hot pizza. A nice big Muffaletta sandwich. A great band on Saturday night. And hanging out in the shade of our beer garden with your pup, friends, and fellow Austinites! They also believe their beer has the power to make our entire community better. ABGB strives to take beer’s innate goodness and put it into action improving their neighborhood, city, and the lives of lots of folks. Come and hang out with them, or order online and pick it all up to bring at home! Either way, you’ll still get a taste of their hand crafted beer!

The Brewer’s Table

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

4715 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702

The Brewer’s Table is an experience of food is beer, and beer is food. They take the best ingredients to make their food using the same fermentation process they use for their beer. They brew all their beers on-site and are excited to share them with you. So much, that you can take a crowler home with you of your favorite. The Brewer’s Table has six large foeders that we use to brew their beer as well as open fermentation. Their brewing philosophy reflects the kitchen, the seasons, and the unrelenting sunshine of central Texas. The beer lineup focuses heavily on the versatility of lagers and the influence and beauty of wood in fermentation.

The Brewtorium

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

6015 Dillard Cir A, Austin, TX 78752

The Brewtorium is a neighborhood brewpub where you can spend afternoons and evenings in the company of friends and family, sipping on a quality house-crafted beer and enjoying great food in a casual beer garden atmosphere where everyone and their dog (literally) is welcome. The brewery is 100% locally-owned and operated, dog-friendly, comfortable, unique, and community-focused. With old-world tradition and an Austin state of mind, they’re thrilled to be bringing the reality of The Brewtorium to the Highland neighborhood. They feel so fortunate to be in the company of so many amazing Austin craft brewers and enthusiasts who push them to be better, learn more, stay true to their roots and put quality at the forefront of everything they do at The Brewtorium.

Thirsty Planet Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

8201 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745

At Thirsty Planet Brewing Company, they believe their purpose is multi-faceted. It begins with just good, old-fashioned passion for beer. The history of beer inspires them, beers’ humble, but amazing beginnings, the way it brings people together, and its unbelievable versatility. They believe that the best way to share their enthusiasm for life is through the perfect beer! Thirsty Planet is devoted to brewing with a purpose and is committed to quenching the thirst of this planet through each sip of beer and through the charitable organizations they support. Proceeds from the tasting room are donated to a different charity each month, and every year over half of the proceeds from their Silverback Pale Ale sales support the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund!

Twisted X Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

23455 Ranch to Market Rd 150, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

The Twisted X Brewing Company, located in beautiful Dripping Springs, offers up an array of their finest small-batch craft beers. They take great pride in sourcing the finest ingredients along with thorough attention to detail in every batch that they produce. The result is a flight of superior craft lagers, pilsners, IPAs, as well as many others! They are constantly developing new recipes with their 3-barrel pilot system. These beers are excellent and worth experiencing and are only available in our tasting room. Twisted Xs encourages you to drop by the brewery to see the latest creations from their “brew crew”! They are never satisfied in our never-ending quest for creativity!

Uncle Billy’s Brewery

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

1530 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Uncle Billy’s Brewery is located in the heart of South Austin on Barton Springs Road, with a short walk to Barton Springs Pool and Zilker Park! Uncle Billy’s Brewery and Barbecue features a brewery on site serving handcrafted beers by brewer Michael Waters and offers a delicious menu that includes barbecue, burgers, and tasty salads. Enjoy drinks and live music on their dog-friendly outdoor patio every weekday or weekend! Uncle Billy’s has award-winning beers from on-site microbrewery and delicious BBQ! They have constant daily specials, happy hours and outdoor seating so you can enjoy more of their handcrafted beer and drinks!

Zilker Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

1701 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Zilker Brewing Company is an urban craft brewery and taproom in the heart of East Austin brewing for the love of it and is focused on quality beer, fostering community, and craft beer accessibility. Their taproom is the creation of their architects at Dick Clark and Associates who along with the founders visualized a place where every aspect of the brewing process is on display. While sitting at the custom bar hand crafted by local artisans at Petrified Design, drinking a Zilker Beer is like no other brewery experience in Austin!

4th Tap Brewing Co-op

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

10615 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

4th Tap is a small, worker-owned brewery located in North Austin. A couple of Austin-natives banded together with a few transplants from Houston, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi to build the 4th Tap brewery in their old stomping grounds of North Central Austin. After six years of preparation, research and development, they finally opened their doors to the public in 2015 with a focus on using inspired ingredients to make honest beer! They’ve been brewing and sharing their beer ever since! They designed the taproom for their community and neighborhood in mind. So come by, introduce yourself, and join 4th Tap for a beer or two!

(512) Brewing Company

Image of Adelbert’s Brewery

407 Radam Ln, Austin, TX 78745

(512) Brewing is the largest draft-only brewery in Texas, proudly using more USDA Organic malt than anyone in the great state of Texas! 100% independently self-distributed, they take Old World styles, apply unique twists and local ingredients, then hand deliver it all the way to your glass. (512) is authentically Austin, committed to reusable packaging and freshness you can taste. They are proud founding members of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, and are committed to building a strong community of Texan brewers! Check out their brewery and taste some of their beers like the Pecan Porter and Whiskey Barrel Aged Pecan Porter!

Map of the Best Austin Breweries and Brewery Tours

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