Spring is here, which lets us admire the state flower a little earlier than expected this year! What’s a better way to enjoy these beautiful spring days than to admire the beautiful bluebonnets that line the Texas hills. Whether there are acres of our state flower or small patches on the side of roads and highways, stopping to smell these Texas-native flowers is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Where to Find the Best Bluebonnets in Austin

  • Balcones District Park

    Image of Balcones District Park

    Enjoy the peaceful trails at Balcones District Park with bluebonnets blanketing the area! You can enjoy these beautiful bluebonnets by having a picnic with your family or friends, hiking by the park’s natural waterfall, or playing volleyball and basketball!

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  • Brushy Creek Lake Park

    Image of Brushy Creek Lake Park

    Brushy Creek Lake Park is a 90-acre park with nature trails, a lake full of ducks that you can feed, and picnic areas. So come out and bring a lunch to enjoy the beautiful bluebonnets on display. Brushy Creek also features a kid and pet-friendly walking trail through its bluebonnet field and has a fun playscape!

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  • Bull Creek and 45th St.

    Image of Bull Creek and 45th St.

    The Bull Creek area around 45th Street is a good place for bluebonnet spotting. You can even spot the bluebonnets while riding the bus or while you wait for the bus! There is parking nearby, and the area is kid and pet-friendly since there is a dog park further back into the property!

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  • Capital of Texas Highway (Hwy 360)

    Image of Capital of Texas Highway (Hwy 360)

    There are so many beautiful bluebonnets and so many other pretty wildflowers to check out along Highway 360 this spring! The drive along Hwy 360 is always filled with amazing sights of the Lake Austin and the rolling hills, but it only gets better when the bluebonnets start to pop up!

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  • Circle C Metropolitan Park

    Image of Circle C Metropolitan Park

    In the same neck of the woods as the Wildflower Center in south Austin, you can visit the Circle C Metropolitan Park and find large patches of bluebonnets. You can enjoy these bluebonnets while playing soccer, volleyball, disc golf, hiking or having a picnic with your family and friends!

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  • Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

    Image of Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail

    The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is the perfect starting point for your bluebonnet adventure, offering plenty of photo opportunities. While this location has beautiful flowers and trees year round, the bluebonnets are in masses at the Wildflower Center!

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  • Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail

    Image of Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

    Walk, bike, hike or play sports along Lady Bird Lake while looking at the large patches of wildflowers just beyond the fields. Bluebonnets bloom along the shoreline of the lake and spring is welcomed by the vibrant blooms of the redbud trees and wisteria blooms!

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  • McKinney Falls State Park

    Image of McKinney Falls State Park

    Located just 13 miles southeast of downtown, McKinney Falls State Park is a laid-back and peaceful Hill Country oasis! The park offers 726 acres of hiking and cycling trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, a campground and beautiful swathes of bluebonnets. It’s one of the best hiking spots in town, and the masses of spring blooms just make it sweeter!

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  • Montopolis Drive across from Roy G. Guerrero Park

    Image of Montopolis Drive across from Roy G. Guerrero Park

    This little-known gem is a great place to snap a sea of bluebonnets for your family pictures away from highway traffic! Enjoy a day full of fun at Roy G. Guerrero Park and enjoy these magnificent bluebonnets! The old church in the background is the perfect timepiece backdrop to make your family pictures unique!

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  • Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area

    Image of Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area

    Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area in Spicewood looks like a scene out of a fairytale! The park is a 6.5-mile mountain bike trail that is perfect for viewing fields of bluebonnets which runs along the south side of the Colorado River on western Lake Travis! Sadly, Muleshoe Bend’s bluebonnets did not bloom this season because of flooding. Try to check out this spot next year!

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  • Old Settlers Park

    Image of Old Settlers Park

    You don’t have to drive out into the Hill Country to take photos as there are several in spots Old Settlers Park that have beautiful bluebonnet patches to take family photos in! It’s also a great place to bring a picnic, take a walk or jog while taking in the beauty of the bluebonnets.

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  • Pace Bend Park

    Image of Pace Bend Park

    Pace Bend is one of the most popular camping areas in Austin, offering visitors a wide range of recreational opportunities! The park features amazing bluebonnet spots, high, limestone cliffs and numerous rocky coves with some of the most impressive views available of Lake Travis, especially at sunset.

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  • St. Edward’s University

    Image of St. Edward’s University

    Snap a picture with the bluebonnets on the St. Edward’s University campus and enjoy the great views of downtown Austin. Bluebonnets are in full bloom all over Austin, and St. Edward’s has some of the most impressive fields in the city!

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  • Toll Road 130 & FM 969 in East Austin

    Image of Toll Road 130 & FM 969 in East Austin

    Bluebonnets are in full bloom and blanketing the roadside along Toll Road 130 & FM 969 in East Austin! These bluebonnets will make your morning commute a little more beautiful! Due to heavy and fast-moving traffic this bluebonnet spot can be tricky to find and pose in, so be extra careful here!

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  • Turkey Bend

    Image of Turkey Bend

    Discover the relaxation waiting to be unveiled at Turkey Bend Recreation Area. This 1,100-acre park is blanketed with spectacular scenes of Bluebonnets! Whether you come for a day of picnicking or for a night of camping, Turkey Bend is suited for an adventure worth remembering.

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  • Westinghouse Road in Teravista Subdivision

    Image of Westinghouse Road in Teravista Subdivision

    There are wildflower patches throughout the Round Rock subdivision now, and local residents say that there are some of the most beautiful patches of bluebonnets on Westinghouse Road, near the east part of the Terravista back entrance.

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  • Wildseed Farms

    Image of Wildseed Farms

    Wildseed Farms has been growing fields of wildflowers for over 35 years! They are the nation’s largest working wildflower farm with over 200 acres in Fredericksburg Texas alone! Since they are the nation’s largest flower sure, you better believe they’ll have the most beautiful bluebonnet field!

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  • Willow City Loop

    Image of Willow City Loop

    Willow City Loop is the iconic Texas Hill Country scenic drive! The narrow two-lane ranch road winds for 13 miles through some of the oldest and unique geology in central Texas. Deep canyons are picturesque, and the meadows offer up splashes of blue, yellow, orange, and white depending on the season and which bluebonnets are blooming down below!

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  • Additional Bluebonnet Locations

    • ACC Round Rock
    • FM 1431 to Cedar Park
    • Highway 290 East to Bastrop
    • Hwy 71 East/ 21 to Bastrop
    • Hwy 71 West to Marble Falls
    • Hwy 195 in Georgetown
    • Murchison Middle School
    • Park Hills Baptist Church
    • RR 2244 (Bee Cave Rd.)

    Map of Austin’s Bluebonnet Locations

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