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Austin 3rd Most Prosperous Metro

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Have you heard? Texas is recession-proof. Need more proof? Just check out these stats.

Of the nation’s 100 biggest labor markets, Texas cities claimed four of the top 5 spots for most private-sector job gains since the recession in a report by On Numbers. That means Texas dominated the top labor markets that regained lost recession jobs. Business Journals’ On Numbers report used data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to compare 2011 private-sector employment levels against 2006, the last full year before the recession’s onset.

In 2011, the biggest job producers were Houston with a blow-out of 109,700 jobs gained since the recession, New Orleans ranked 2nd with 39,400 jobs, Austin ranked a close third with 37,900 jobs, Dallas-Fort Worth ranked 4th with 36,000 and San Antonio ranked 5th adding 25,200 private-sector jobs between 2006 and 2011. Only 13 of the nation’s 100 biggest labor markets regained all of the jobs that were lost during the recession which means 87 cities are still trying to break even.

The worst job-maker was LA which lost 432,000 jobs since 2006. LA might have the weather, but the jobs are here in Austin. Thinking of making a move? Ask us how we can help. Request a free relocation guide, or let one of our Austin Relocation Specialist guide you.

Read more about how Texas dominated the On Numbers report here.

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