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10 Tips For Creating a Successful At-Home Learning Environment

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With many parents choosing online learning for their children, new challenges arise. With kids learning from home, it’s important to dedicate a space for them to learn properly. Although being at home isn’t the same as being in a classroom, there are a lot of ways you can create similarities between the two spaces. Having a dedicated home learning space can help develop your child’s creativity, sharpen their focus, and increase their motivation to read and learn. Not sure how to create a learning space for your child, check out our list of ways to create a successful at-home learning environment!

Tips For Creating A Successful Learning Environment:

  • Have A Dedicated Space For Learning
  • Declutter Your Space
  • Create A Comfortable Space
  • Make Your Space Visual
  • Create a Well Lit Area
  • Gather A Variety Of Books
  • Use Predictable Learning
  • Encourage Independent Work Or Play
  • Have Breaks


Some families may have the luxury of having an office or dedicated room for homework. But all of us might not have the same square footage in our homes. If you aren’t sure about how to create a space for your kids, don’t stress! Instead of creating extra space, think about routines and consistency. The kitchen table can become a learning space, as well as a coffee table in the living room. If your child is working in that dedicated space every day, that space will become a comfortable learning environment.


With school back in session, all of your kids’ school supplies will be at home instead of in their desk at school. With all of these supplies, there’s no doubt that there will be clutter. To solve this problem, buy or make a cabinet to store all their supplies. A cabinet with doors or bins will help hide the clutter in a more organized way. Plus it’ll look better! It’s also good to figure out what could be possible distractions to your child in their designated learning space. If anything distracts them, take it away from their space. The simpler the space, the better it is for them to learn.


No one wants to work or take classes online in an uncomfortable space. That’s why it’s important to keep your learning space cozy. The cozier, the easier it’ll be for your child to learn! Sometimes desk chairs aren’t comfortable or can hurt your back after a while. Try substituting an office chair with a fun bean bag or grab a weighted blanket. Fluffy pillows or chairs can work as well. This will create a space that can alleviate stress.


Haven’t you noticed all the inspiring posters and images that teachers have in their classrooms? These posters and photos work as positive reinforcement statements to keep your child motivated! Who says they can’t have any in their learning environment at home? A visual space can help your child’s mind wander and create an imaginary world. Creativity is important! Think about posters that a child will be excited to explore, like world maps, animal posters, or whatever else they might be interested in learning and seeing.


Lighting is an important factor in creating an effective learning space. Make sure to limit the amount of artificial light that comes in, and try to get in as much natural light as possible. Natural light can do wonders and provides some health benefits. The more natural light, the more your child’s attendance, achievements, and overall health are benefitted. Good lighting can also affect your child’s energy and attention skills. If you don’t have good lighting or a lot of natural light in your home, use mirrors! Mirrors create reflections, meaning it can create reflections of light, giving you more natural light in your learning space!


Always have books readily available for your kids to read! Children in homes with books have improved test scores, are more creative, and more! The more books, the better! Stocking your shelves with books encourages children to explore new interests and choose reading as a pastime. Whether you buy new books or used books, your kids will be happy to jump into another world through books!


When classes start, your child always has a set schedule from waking up at a certain time during the day to having a class schedule. It’s important to keep a schedule with your child, even while working at home. Write out a routine and mark it down on a calendar, or create a larger poster. It’s important to set some rules and make sure your child’s schedule is consistent. It’ll also make learning from home feel a little more like going back to school.


Your child is going to have a lot of homework and sometimes learn subjects they aren’t so interested in. It’s important to let your child have some time of their own by choosing a subject that they are interested in learning, or encourage them to go outside and get some fresh air. Learn to play an instrument, paint, or draw, or engage in physical activities!


School lasts all day, and now that classes are online, it can take a toll. From sitting all day, staring at a computer screen and being on back to back zoom meetings, it’s easy to become brain dead. Make sure to give your child frequent breaks spread out throughout the day. While at school, their day was broken up with recess, lunch breaks, or if you were in middle school and high school, passing periods. Just because you’re learning from home, doesn’t mean you can’t give your child a break. Breaks can help recharge and clear your mind so you can absorb the information you learn effectively.

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