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10 Reasons Why 20 Somethings Move to Austin

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Austin’s population is expected to double by 2050 with several new residential towers going up and roads expanding in the process. Many of those moving here are 20-somethings looking for a new place to live their lives, make friends, and get jobs. As a city, Austin has a lot to offer folks of all ages, however, something about the city’s economy and lifestyle seems to appeal to the country’s displaced 20-somethings.

1. Affordability
Austin is a growing economy. But with a glut of college students and young professionals, the city has managed to keep their costs of living relatively low. In fact, Austin recently made the top 10 list for affordable metropolitan areas in a study conducted by Forbes. And for other things like entertainment, Austin has plenty of local establishments that cater to the less endowed.

2. Entertainment
Per capita, Austin has one of the most dense and diverse collections of bars, nightclubs, pubs, and music venues. As if you didn’t already know, it’s called the “Live Music Capital of the World” for a reason. It’s often said that on any given night you can walk into any club and see music and entertainment across the spectrum. The Red River district plays home to Austin’s notorious music scene with at least ten music clubs within 3 blocks. Austin’s major nightlife entertainment attraction is 6th street. This downtown avenue is lined with historical buildings that have been converted into restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and movie theaters.

3. Weather
Austin’s weather, while notoriously hot in the dog days of summer, is known for it’s continuous days of sunshine. On average, Austin sees 229 days of sunshine per year and has pleasantly mild winters – the perfect antidote for cold northeastern climates.

4. Tech Jobs
The tech boom in Austin is no joke. Recently, Apple and Facebook both opened offices in Austin solidifying it as one of the tech industry’s hot spots. Along with Google, Twitter, and hundreds of startup companies and talent incubators, Austin’s tech industry possibilities are endless. It’s often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of the South”.

5. UT
As a university, the University of Texas has it all. Amazing curriculum, outstanding school sports teams, admirable degrees in arts, science, and law, and one of the largest campuses to house its approximate 50,000 students. UT is the beating heart of Austin that acts as one of the state’s major educators as well as one of the state’s biggest employers.

6. Outdoors Attractions
The Barton Creek Greenbelt, Lake Austin, Lake Travis, the Colorado River, Zilker Park, and Barton Springs are all part of Austin’s serene, green open spaces. As an urban center, Austin has several square miles of devoted open space to parks, rivers, and public outdoor attractions. Your next great outdoor adventure is not too far off.

7. Food
Two words: Paul Qui. The head chef of Uchi is everything that is right with Austin’s food scene. He’s young, talented and unafraid to turn traditional dishes on their head to create something truly unique. Austin’s food trailer community is one of the most diverse in the country rivaling the L.A. and NY food trucks. An amazing meal is never too far away.

8. Beer
As a food town, Austin is still growing, but the beer scene in Austin has been vibrant for some time. Flagship brewers such as Real Ale Brewing Co. and Independence Brewing Company have been brewing award-winning beers here for over a decade. However, craft brewing is the real reason for excitement. Austin boasts over 15 craft breweries and dozens of brewpubs and specialty beer stores.

9. F1 Circuit of the Americas
Though it has yet to host its maiden race, The Circuit of the Americas is one of the most talked about developments in Austin. It is said that this will catapult Austin into “international city” status (as if SXSW wasn’t enough!). Needless to say, come November, Austin will host its first F1 race.

10. Lifestyle
Austin is renowned for its “keep it weird”, but that goes deeper than cross-dressing cowboys, and Eeyore’s Birthday Party. Today, “keeping it weird” alludes to Austin’s burgeoning arts scene. East of 35, currently known as Austin’s “hip” side of town is home to countless artists and artisans and hosts one of the most vibrant independent arts communities in the country. This appreciation for the independently minded can also be seen in the bars, restaurants, and merchant shops in the area. “Keeping it weird” is no longer just a mantra, it’s a way of life.

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